Why you can’t choose between loving & living


There was an advice my grandma didn’t give me which I think was unfair. I am just like.. Why wouldn’t she? Why wouldn’t she talk to me about living and about loving? Then again, it is possible she did tell me, maybe I didn’t just hear? If she told me and I wasn’t sure I heard, it plainly suggests I didn’t listen. That brings me to conclude I was bad and rude to have had a divided mind when she was teaching me such vital lesson about life. Apparently, it’s safe to conclude I grew with this bad attitude- not listening – and it’s grown with me peacefully I didn’t notice it companies my life till now.

To consider it differently, if my grandma advised me but I wasn’t sure, you couldn’t blame me. What can a six-year-old really know about loving and living than to eat, play and sometimes steal meats from the pot? I was going to be seven when my grandma died. So fewer judges on my case as per why I knew nothing about living. It was actually easy for me not to know considering she did all the living and loving for me at that time.

I have heard people say that life is too short to be wasted on loving people. In their opinion, the good one could do himself if the government wouldn’t provide any form of social good, would be to live and enjoy living, and to forget about trying to fall in love. Of cause, this is because loving people, particularly one special person comes with its pains and tears, sort of twin package that wears and tears.

While in a different reporting similar to this in characterization, other opinions suggest to fall in love is so good an experience living becomes second best. This means it is okay when people fall love they forget to live. I pray this kind of love is a one way ticket to heaven because if not….

Here is my opinion. There is a need to balance loving and living in such a way none takes the glory of another. Each should dominate its kingdom and steal none’s reign. It is a good thing to find love, I believe in it strongly and equally good to live a good life. My reasons are many but here are two:

1 Life its self was built on the precept of love. For God love the world and He gave His only son…….. No one can have a fulfilled life without a loving heart. A fulfilled man is he that knows how to share from the abundance he stores in his heart.
2 You can’t truly love and be denied life. That would not be love. When you love you deserve to be loved back and loving back allows you to live right which means to do everything you are purposed for that gives your great joy.
Here is the balance. A man who loves is a man who lives and a man who lives is a man who loves. It is 50/50 no cheating equation like we usually say as kids.
Conclusion is, the way you love should help the way you live and how you live should influence how you love.
Here is where I drop my pen

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