One World of Appearance and Reality

A common trend I notice around is this; people don’t verify things they hear. They just simply agree to it. They neither seek more information, they simply accept the laid down way of doing things as a general belief. For instance, many believe a school, job, tribe or personality is not good. Their conclusion is drawn not from personal experience or available information, but because that’s simply what people are saying. In your neighborhoods, offices or schools, I am sure you can relate to this. You hold an opinion about a person or thing, yet you can’t explain why you hold such. You only hear a job is not lucrative and you start acting like you lost your first million in it. You have never dated much, yet you say women are same and they all are not marriageable. You have never had someone from a different tribe betray or kill you, yet you tell everyone how terrible people from that part are.

A thing about information is, it’s everywhere but not everyone is willing to use it. We are surrounded by it yet we lack it. Between two people in same environment, between the dumb and smart, successful and unsuccessful, the difference is not just in the available information but adequate application of such for the required edge in life.
When you are not well-informed, you will have a deformed perspective. You then say what they say and not what you know. You then act how they advice and not how you should.
What conditions your disposition to a given situation is the quality and nature of information you have deposited in your subconscious mind.

Timely and adequate information gives anyone the edge over others in any situation. The more you are rightly informed, the more resourceful you become on any issue; life, spiritual, career, family or marriage.
You don’t get information by mere wishing and expecting it to naturally flow to you. Instead, you go all out for it.

A philosophical expression, appearance and reality show things don’t seem the way they are. It’s seeing appearance of things or situation and not reality of it. Realities are fact not hearsay. The whole world tagged every Nigerian as corrupt, that is how we seem, that is how we have been portrayed and you hear a lot of foreigners stick to this even when they have not had a personal experience with a single Nigerian. Yet, I can safely say many Nigerians are not corrupt and I am one no matter what anyone says. Before you act on any issue, make sure it is based on verified fact and not on how it seems.

Enjoy your day.
Be inspired ……….Be more

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Leadership is a reflection of its people, if we have the right values we would have the right people, if we have the right people, then we would have the right leaders.

The FACTS are that;
1. Societies never change themselves, people do
2. Terrorism is a result of lack of positive values
3. Fixing a Nation is collective action

If we do not fix our values, we cannot fix our Nation

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