Success is Value

v mnSome years ago, after my compulsory N.YS.C, I enrolled for a business and career program that lasted for three weeks. I did this because I wanted a form of informal introduction into the labour market. I wanted some level of exposure to the intellectual requirement needed for the labour market. The first introductory class centred on being successful and the facilitator asked us to define money. Of course, we shared series of definitions on money, most of which he didn’t refute. However, he gave his own simple but profound insight into what money is. He said, ‘money is creating value for an amount.’ He then faced the entire class and directed another sentence to us. He said, ‘the only way to have money is to add value. If you want to make money, first think of making a value to sell.’

Success had been discussed in different forums and on this particular blog site to mean various things but nothing short of adding value to human existence. Whatever your definition of success is, it must be such that sees to adding certain value to living. There is no way you won’t be successful in your chosen field or calling if it adds value to life. The world’s most successful people or groups are those whose contributions, one way or the other, redefines the way we do things. What sell more today is value, a bit of what has never been to what already exists.

The value I am talking about here is the relative worth or importance of the experience people are getting from what your do. The philosophers term it ‘ethically good values’ because it stem from a valuable action which deals with right conduct and good life. Whatever you do, the acceptance of it and to what extent, will determine how far you will succeed in it.

It doesn’t matter what you do, how you do what you do is what will define your success rate. The reason the late entrepreneur on mobile toilet, Otunba Gadafi was successful wasn’t because he was into sanitary business, but because he brought change to the face of sanitary health in the country and glamorize the business he tagged ‘shit –business ’. Today, mobile toilet and sanitary business has generally become handy and highly valuable.

As a philanthropist, business owner, employee in any field or ministry, the most important thing to strive for is how to give value through what you do and success will come looking for you. The number of clients, customers or patronage, recognition or fame is not what will give you a place among the movers of this world, the worth of what you do in people’s life is what will register your name or brand on their minds for continuous patronage.

Add value today and be a success.

Rape Re-orientation Walk 


Speaking of adding value, a group of vibrant people will be embarking on a Rape Re-orientation walk from Ogba to Agege on Saturday, March 8 2014 by 9:30 am to sensitize people on rape. A lot of our women and sometimes men are being sexually molested almost every day. Unfortunately, most of these cases had gone with being reported for various reasons. A survivor, who is passionate about ending rape cases is the brain behind the #StandtoEndRape initiative and she is taking her campaign to the street, together with several other passionate people on the 8th of March. We therefore invite you to join us in this walk to speak against rape, and together, let’s add value to our Nation by speaking against rape.

Don’t wait till it happen to you or someone you know, let’s nib the menace in the bud now.

Let’s further engage ourselves on