One of my mentors once said, “if you are not inspired, you will expire.” It means if you don’t have a reason to be charged up on every issue; to do a little more and achieve a little extra, chances are you will remain the same way until you become irrelevant and history rejects your name.

Inspiration Daily is a blog that delivers basic inspirational foundation to do more in whatever you do. It explores the everyday issues in the society and presents a positive angle and argument to them.

When you need to unwind and reflect on your goals and plans, Inspiration Daily is a place to visit.

It is inspirational, informative, educative and socially relevant. When you think a task, idea or vision is impossible, this site tells you it is. When you feel weak mentally, emotionally or psychologically to drive your dreams, this site is here to give you all the push that you need. It is about doing more and being more………….


He is an Entrepreneur and has great interest in life, career and personal growth. There is a little more about everybody and everything. Just a little more effort is all it takes.  As a writer, writing is more of a gift than a profession; it is a passion than a job to him.  When the ink is screaming to be heard; to give voice to the good, and the bad that surrounds human existence, it finds expression in the power of his mind.  He is the winner of the first LacaseraApple story. Presently working on a Christian book and gathering materials for more books.


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