It is okay to be the man with a heart

man with heart

It is okay to be the man with a heart but the society we are doesn’t approve of a man who operates with a heart that has the shape and colour of love. Such man is said to be weak. Yet, this same society wouldn’t tell the best way to love without submitting to it or how to fall in love and ignore Mr. Cupid. Submitting to love doesn’t mean submitting to your woman, it only means allowing the flow of love without allowing masculinity and sense of authority override the grace of its aura.

Love isn’t only unconditional, but also understanding, forgiving, compromising and sacrificing. Unfortunately, these lay the foundation to what is considered as weak when a man exudes them.


It is okay to be the man with a heart. It is okay to show and act in love. True love brings peace, encourages and establishes truce. Everyone needs a bit of these in the stream of their relationship to live happily ever after.

When a man is scared to express his emotions due to insecurities or ego, there goes a man who doesn’t deserve love. He forms ‘I am the man and men don’t show emotions’ for too long to realize he has sown seeds that’ll grow to repel any display of emotions. A time comes when he experiences unintended lack of emotions in his home. That’s a man in his due season of harvest. He sows it and will harvest each moment spent to proof how showing love means weakness. .

It is okay to be the man with a heart. If she deserves it, don’t make her beg for it. Always keep her within the safe haven of your heart.

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