Poetic Friday (Voice I live to hear)

Voice I live to hear

Today, another of such grace
When I can’t wait the day break;
To share in warmth of your voice,
Of your speech and of words
Trailing after benevolence of strength,
And of passion, as you deliver your best
Behind the MIC you are my rare
On the keys you master the blends
Like a tide, you hype, you float abreast

Voice I long to hear

On air, it thrills, it rocks
The power of your words I clutch
Beauty of voice the imposing force
Resonant and appealing
Concentration of your vocal spill

Voice the name I call

Nightingale I hear you answer
Sonorous, it spreads beyond the outer
Sweet, soft, lofty a tone I admire
Pitch high; delve low, your adorning pride

Voice my peace my pride

In simplicity, a voice assure on air
Of ingenuity, at grasp of word with flair,
Flaming through clumsiness of atmosphere
Leaving mood of smiles and tears
As benefits,a genius can’t compare Such that wake to the world afresh
Guiding through the pile of its essence,
A gift in brilliance well possessed
One after another, a journey of best

This poem was inspired to celebrate a good friend who use her voice in a way that touch lives


Have you heard about my book that lets you see another side to challenges and proof to you they are platforms necessary to build you for greatness?


There is greatness in everyman but more often than not, the road isn’t as smooth as anticipated. This book shows how best to respond and triumph when we experience these delays/detours toward greatness and you will also understand
 What glory is
 Meaning , necessities and lessons of detour/delays in your journey in life
 How to identify your purpose and stay in it
 Purpose filled greatness; understanding how purpose can fuel your greatness
 Lessons from Jesus on purposeful glorification
 How your misery can minster your ministry to you

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