Poetic Friday (Nigeria, the hopefuls am-phi-theater)

Nigeria, the hopefuls am-phi-theater
Broad spectrum of extra ordinary displays
The spectacle of collective specials,
A monumental pact by pro-active brigades

Nigeria; black race, wide range, bright traits
profoundly audible, brilliantly laudable
Fast lane, smart pace, sprite fame
Resounding recount of a richly fable

Nigeria, the hopefuls amphitheater
Colloquium of super breeds
Colossal fusion of colossus bearer

Across the oceans, her impact felt
Through deserts, exuding strength
A stranger in land, compact mission of sage
At the center is Grey, the giant of age

Though in struggles, can’t fail; not to foe,
Cartridges fall with big bangs while war desires imbue
But through history posterity favors a toast
Interlock tribes, excessive loyalty all in feud
Sacred she stands, forever fresh as dew

Nigeria, a positive path, an enviable height
Through heroes dreaming, a feat to ply
From vision to mission unfolding as flight

Nigeria, coastal location, Africa’s vocation
Contemporaneous gift in nature and nation
Fertile land, investors haven, citizens vacation

Nigeria, the hopefuls amp-hi-theater
The war lord that inspires victory
Protruding portraits of impeccable story
Indomitable, the scene behind her glory


About the Book: There is greatness in every man and a destination where he is shown forth to be a glorious man. But more often than not, the road to glory (greatness) isn’t as smooth or direct as we would want it to be. The journey sometimes takes us through unanticipated paths and the destination sometimes turns out to be farther than anticipated. Joseph found himself on a similar detour to his greatness (Palace). This book lets you see another side to challenges and proof to you they are platforms necessary to build you for greatness

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