Poetic Friday (Rhythm of your Smile)

I hear the rhythm of your smile
The occasion it inspire,
Its sincerity my desire;
Magnificence of its beam
The loftiness in its feel
Echoing sound I heal
Brightening hope revealed

You smile beautiful I think its English
Like the Queens diction,
Its accent well-polished, not friction
From one end of your mouth
To the other end with pride
As I listen to your smile,
I hear peaceful assurances
When not listening, the memories – a reassurance

This smile echoes beauty and honor
Like song ‘You are beautiful’ by James blunt
Ed Sheerans ‘Photograph’ takes turn
All over me in one –
One whisper in my eardrum;
The addendum
To risk sticks on drums
And create the tune ‘Love again’ I long

I hear your smile say
‘Everywhere is safe’
In its hopes and sane,
Centered in love so plain
Well grounded, deep and brave
Well nurtured, says it’s grace
Seeking deeper in its space,
A dive higher in incurable smiling trail
A search I would love to maintain
In this ubiquitous shadowy enclave
Yet find no better than your smiley gaze

I hear the rhythm of your smile
Followed its peaceful might;
Its hug and care-
Constant pat
Reiteration of light
Its plight, sight beyond doubts
So rear-
Its harmony of sound
Note beautifully chosen I danced
From side to side I pride
To tune of your smile I’ll last

Finally, my book DetourToGlory is out


About the Book: There is greatness in every man and a destination where he is shown forth to be a glorious man. But more often than not, the road to glory (greatness) isn’t as smooth or direct as we would want it to be. The journey sometimes takes us through unanticipated paths and the destination sometimes turns out to be farther than anticipated. Joseph found himself on a similar detour to his greatness (Palace). This book lets you see another side to challenges and proof to you they are platforms necessary to build you for greatness

To order, send email to : detourtoglory@gmail.com

Contact me
Twitter: @manueladesola
instagram: @manueldesola
facebook: adesola ogunmuyiwa


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