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As ladies, we were taught to respect the idea of having men in our home as husbands. We were taught the art of being respectful to them. You have to kneel to give them food and kneel to greet them in the morning. It seldom goes as far as addressing them as “sirs” or like a neighbor of mine would, “uncle A.” Thinking about this seems funny enough I had to sit down to think about it and the only explanation I could come up with was that it’s in our BACKGROUND.

We fail to remember the true essence of marriage besides reproducing. It’s in truth, a form of haven where a man and a woman come together to define and create love (as defined in 1 Corinthians 3: 4-7) and to teach it to the little ones around. Love practice is to be implemented in a world where we come in contact with one another, either in the same environment or beyond, thereby creating heaven on earth experiences which is our sole and primary purpose on earth.


He is a figure usually confused only to be at the top of the family chain. Though he is the head, but in reality, he is found at the bottom of the family. He is the very foundation (for if the foundation is weak, it doesn’t take long for the building to collapse). He is to exude the kind of love that the Lord gives. He should respect the woman and see her true beauty as a woman created for him by God (psalm 45:13 a). He has to be a complete replica of Christ in his home; love like Christ, protect like Christ, understand like Christ, teach like Christ- everything has to be done like Christ did. A wise man once said “a man who is spiritually dead can never know the very intimate part of a woman; her heart.”

Adam was given responsibilities to take care of Eden and he did just as he was told. Now, wouldn’t it be a total failure if he had waited till God created a woman for him before taking care of Eden? Yes! It would. A man should have vision, a laid down plan for his life before he can invite another being into it. You have to show that you can take care of the little things you have now before complicating yours by bringing in another life.
You create your Eden and then ask for a partner to complement you and beautify your Eden.


As a woman you are underestimated in this present world. First of all, you need to understand that you can’t get happiness in marriage but in the right relationship with God and once that is achieved; it’s easy to put that in your relationships with others. You are created to support the male cause; and to do that you either have to be of the same level of strength or more. That throws away the idea of the woman being the weaker partner.
For instance, if you fell and probably broke a leg, you would call someone stronger than you who could carry or help you up but if you call someone who is weaker, he/she would probably break the other leg for you?

As the King’s daughter, being glorious within entails giving your heart to Christ so that for any man to get to you, he has to get to God, prove to God that He wants your heart and then get verified by Christ to be the man to submit to. You are the adornment on your man, to make him look great. Though he is the head, and for your beauty to show, he has to treat you well and make sure you don’t fade out.
As a woman you’re to respect your man and submit totally to him since you accepted before the Lord to put all your eggs in one basket forever.


– Focus on growing friendship not romance; that way, it lasts forever since you can totally be yourself around each other.
– Understand that completion is Gods responsibility; Complement is a woman’s privilege and in totality the Man should also complement his woman.
– Before the union, understand that the best time to make the most of every opportunity is while you’re single.
– Wisdom and Folly both call out for people using almost the same words, be careful to know which is wisdom’s (proverbs 9)
– A marriage or courtship with faith, hope, and most of all, love stays forever because all these three are eternal and are given only in Christ.
– Dialogue prevents uncontrollable anger. Sort it out with respect and humility and with the motive to move on from the issue and not to cause more trouble.

Written by Olamide Akinwunmi
She tweets at : @bluepearlie
Intagram : @bluepearlie

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