Don’t be ‘The most Get Lost’d’

Get Carried Away

In this frenzy, activity burdened environment, one inevitable occurrence would be arrays of unsolicited distraction. I dare say getting lost at intervals would be a norm. So normal it may pass for a practical means of getting Gunnies World record I only wish existed; something like ‘The Most get Lost’d and distracted person of the year.’ Permit my use of grammar here. We all try to boast of our lexicon like we are from the Queens land. I can only try too.

Based on founded observations, no scientific proof as an accomplice, it is easy to get lost either in the crowd or out the crowd, en route or reroute a destination. In the house, you could be lost to watching TV programs like Telemondo and all other Tele-programs. Could also get lost during a chit-chat with family, particularly with friends that had proved to be your gossip pal and all you do is talk about Davido’s baby mama drama and Olamide/Donjazzy’s feud. Same way, you got to the news Paper stand where you read quick headlines about Morinho and his move to Manchester but you wouldn’t stop there. You practically argued on what the board decided on like you were there. And to crown it all, at the shopping mall, you gazed at what another person was wearing you completely forgot why you were there in the first instance.

You could be well dressed, going for an appointment, interview or meeting but got caught up in the euphoria of a lousy activity on the street or a sad occurrence that got other people alike gathered in awe, rather than getting help for the victim. You prolly opened your mouth, drooling saliva, elated at the exciting sight of such frenzy or sadly, at the horrible sight. You were supposed to cook and gossip happened. Honestly the conversation didn’t start with you but you joined in, got lost in it and the only thing that got your attention back to what you were cooking was the smell of a burnt pot. This was you again. Got to the airport, met someone you knew or an acquaintance, got engrossed and lost talking about DasukiGate and EFCC and the first time you heard flight announcement was when the other person tells you “Oh! It is my flight, have to leave,” you asked when your flight would be but was told it had been announced thirty minutes ago.

You tried to find a place in an unfamiliar territory but realized you were completely lost. Okay, go back to where you came from and the battle between your unbelievable self and idiotic self-started. Your mind wasn’t in the journey you almost can’t say this was how you came. Being lost here is bad, but isn’t as much a big deal as being on the verge of asking someone on the street “please how did I get here?”

Like me, you have so many plans and goals for the year 2016 and beyond. If nothing, you would like to get something started going into the year and your future. Face it, if you do not deal with those issues that pose as possible distraction for you, you may end up asking how you get here by December 31 2016. Don’t get lost in the many happenings around you. Stay focused with the goal in sight.

Thank you for reading

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