Maximizing Time


Time is a Gift from God, if you don’t appreciate it, it won’t Appreciate You

One peculiar phrase I have heard over years is that ‘Time is money.’ As a naïve kid, I wanted to know how to spend time since it was money. It made a lot of sense to me. I didn’t want to have to work so hard before I could have all I wanted. Time I believe is a free gift from God. If it was indeed money, it was going to be a medium that would afford me all my heart desires and the luxuries of life. The implied interpretation was that I won’t have to work hard like my parents did but would have so much. Perhaps, more than they have, and extra time to sleep and play around. The uncalculated challenge was how I was supposed to use time in place of money. I couldn’t see time. Couldn’t hold or feel it. I could only figure it by the passing of days as it forms each week, month, year, millennium and century. It became clear; time isn’t any substance that could be held in exchange of anything, but moments that could be used to get everything. Time is a traveler; it carries on its journey opportunities, looking where to dump them.


The internationally used Gregorian calendar that reads 365 days and 366 days in leap year or twelve months is an organized pattern of measuring time. When it is 365 days after, you know a year had gone by, thus, that aspect of your life had been spent however you did. Time, either as the days in a year or as life that goes by, is one gift that we all have in common. Irrespective of our different race, color, culture, values, height, genetic makeup, language, a peculiar gift is the twenty-four hours in each day. No difference in the available time, either to the rich or poor, young or old, holy or unholy, white or black. What makes the difference is how the time is used. Time as money means making the best use of today as if it is your last. It is using it to be the best you could.
How is Time Money

*Like money that has to leave your hand in exchange of commodities or services, when you spend time, you can’t get it back. First half of 2015 is forever gone.
* Time is said to be money because you can use it wisely to get more in life.

“What you are and what you become depends on how you use your time” Dr. Myles Munroe

A spent time is irredeemable, but the unspent time could be used effectively it covers for previous lapses. Time measures in past, present and future. It measures in yesterday, today and tomorrow. It explains what happened yesterday and gives you today to decide what will happen tomorrow. You use time as a currency to buy life. Whoever you are, you learn to invest your time on positive things. To invest in what you would have or wouldn’t have, what you would take up or drop. Time can be devalued or re-valued, what you spend your time on determines how your life turns out.

Dr. Myles Munroe also said, “You can’t stop time but can decide what you do with it; you can’t control time but can control what you do with it which determines what you get out of it.”
Time is not stop-able but it is controllable, what you do with it determines who you become. You therefore have to be honest in your dealings with time. When you deal with time appropriately, that’s your life you have dealt with.
Life is time; it is lived out of time. The passing of time (day and year) is the passing of life which stop when time stops. When you die, time stops and when you grow successful, it shows how you have lived life.

What do you do with time?

• You can manage time
• You can use your time
• You can invest your time
• You can create with time, to build and add value to life
• You can use time to fulfill your purpose
• You can be more hard-working within time
• Deliver on a commitment
• You take ownership and control your time
• You protect your time
• You must have measurable results from spent time


Maximizing time means making the best of time to give you all you want. There are proven ways to maximize time which includes

• Identify what is valuable to you and what your passions are. The value you place on something will increase your passion for it and your passion will increase your efficiency and effective use of your time
• Question your time investment. Ask questions on what you are spending your time on friends or TV or events that’s taking your time
• Define your priorities, plan and make decision based on destiny
• Forget pleasing everyone, please yourself and God
• Forget the past and design your future

This post was inspired by one of Dr. Myles Munroe’s message I listened to. I was really blessed by it and I decided to do this piece.

Guess what, my book Detour to Glory is coming out fine. We hope to let it out in September. I will update you soon. Yay! We have a book cover that really works fine with it. I will share that soon .

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