Ed Sheeran: Success is a single plan


His response

“Ehh yeah, there were moments of doubt. The key was what my father said to me and that was to never have a plan B. It was to never have a backup plan. So there were moments of doubt but there weren’t moments when I went like this isn’t working I can’t do It.’ what it was for me was just like this isn’t working but I have to make it work.’ I think that is the key to any success or anything in life. If you give yourself a plan B, you are giving yourself area to fail and you shouldn’t fail.”

That was Ed Sheeran’s response to the question by Manisha Tank during an interview on Talk Asia/CNN.

What did Tank asked him?

“You went to London to sing in pubs and you had to sleep in tubes and on sofas. Was there any moment before you hit the super stardom when you thought, I don’t think this will work for me, I can’t walk my way through this?”

Little about Ed Sheeran

At 24 years old, he is already a super star getting crowds to the stadium for his performances. He is an English singer, song writer and musician. His second studio album x (read as “multiply) made him the most played artist on spotify in 2014. It was released worldwide on 23 June 2014, charting at number one in the UK Albums Chart and the US Billboard 200. The album was nominated for Album of the Year at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

He performed at the Grammy with Elton John and had a world tour with his friend Taylor swift. He won the album of the year at the BRITS awards 2015. In autumn 2013, Sheeran performed three sold out shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden as a headline act.

Just five years ago, he was performing in pubs and sleeping on the London underground to have a break into the music industry. But now, he is made.

Doesn’t it make sense?

The decision to be successful with no option of failure is by far the greatest decision any man can make.  We pursue different course at different times. Of what essence there for is starting something and in between give up on it? On our way to stardom there would be challenges and moments of doubt. But imagine you didn’t have an escape route or an alternative to success than the course you had pursued; wouldn’t it be a matter of necessity? Without a plan ‘B’, wouldn’t you make sure the only plan you had worked?

I bet you would.

It’s a new week, make it happen because You-are-possible.

Watch out for my book. {Detour to Glory (finding your greatness through Joseph’s story).}

Coming soon

 I am Manuel Desola



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