For He Knew what He Would do

There is an interesting story that was told and re-told in the bible. It was the parable of five loaves and two fishes that fed five thousand men, aside from women and children. You can read this interesting story in the books of Matthew 14:19-20, Luke 9:16, Mark 6:41 and John 6:1-14. God indeed is still in the business of feeding His people. But I am not writing about food with this, it is an entirely different revelation I have from that story of amazing miracle.

Let’s pick one of the scriptures above from where I want to share few passages. John 6 shows how Jesus lifted His eyes to see great company of followers that had come to see, listen and receive from Him. These were people who had stayed with Him for days – listening to His teachings. Jesus Christ fed them first with God’s word and then with signs and wonders. The moment He lifted His eyes after, He knew what to feed them with this time…. food! So Jesus turned to Philip and asked how he could get bread to feed the people. I honestly would want to see Philip’s reaction and countenance at this point. They were far from where they could get the large amount of food needed for the crowd and here was Jesus asking him ‘How.’ Philip, who must have found the question funny didn’t even waste time expressing his fears, doubts and unbelief.

Here is what Jesus planned after all, for He knew what to do. John 6:6 says “And this he said to prove him: for He himself knew what He would do.” Does this now mean Jesus knew what He would do to feed the people, yet he asked Philip who obviously was short of ideas on what could be done going by his response “ Two hundred pennyworth of bread s not enough for them…………..” John 6:7

It was Andrew  that made it known there was a lad with five loaves of bread and two fishes but he couldn’t also help but wonder what could be done with that little food. John 6:8

For He himself knew what he would do.’

Jesus who knew what He would do requested for the five loaves and two fishes, looked to heavens, thanked God and everyone was fed to satisfaction

You are probably thinking of how to get certain things done in your life. Maybe that is God asking the Philip in you what you would do over that situation. Why not allow the Andrew in you present what you can be to God, and surrender yourself.

God always know what He would do at every point. It doesn’t matter how helpless you feel. It isn’t because God isn’t waiting to salvage the situation. Perhaps, it is because you are ignorant of what you stand to benefit when you completely surrender to Him. On every situation, all God requires is that His name is glorified and his glory be not given to another, Isaiah 42: 6-8, to be proved as the Alpha and the Omega.

God has vowed to do it for His name sake. Remember He is not a man who should lie and He is God that changes not. Isaiah 48: 11 reads “For mine own sake, even for mine own sake, will I do it: for how should my name be polluted: and I will not give my glory unto another.” Trust me, God honors His name than anything. If He has vowed to do it on His name, he will.

Let’s approach Him today with understanding and faith. He sure knows what He would do about every hopeless situation. Lets presents that situation believing and not doubting Mark 11:24.

You are Possible