Comfort zone; the careless parking lot

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Of all the cities in Nigeria, Lagos almost stands out in everything. One can conveniently say Lagos is the city of many fortunes and abnormalities. This is why you would see many approved building plan that endangers life and compromises comfort. At the end of the day, such compromises only benefit owners, at the expense of residents.

Still, Lagos, being the business hub of the country has seen influx in recent times. People want to come to Lagos to find jobs and make money, to buy their own cars and rent/build houses. The desire for these opportunities have multiplied the number of residents in Lagos, hence the improved record of success stories which brings about increase in number of acquired vehicles.

What we have in reality is more cars to a building than the available car-park, and that’s if there is any parking space to start with. This results in a record high pattern of road side parking. For residents with a small space to park, the practice is a constant struggle to park at a good spot or a daily calculation of who parks where and how to avoid being called to drive out for another car to drive in or out. A friend who rented an apartment without a car-park got his car scratched overnight where he parked it by the road side. Before then, he had comfortably settled for this road side as his parking space until he started having dents on his vehicle.

Would you wait till you have dents too?

Life is a story similar to the painted unconventional car-parks. There is no comfortable parking space in life. It is journey into endless possibilities, not a final possibility. In whatever position you are, you will have to drive out of it, especially if you have been there for a while. Don’t get comfortable and don’t zone yourself to that place. If you look back over the years, you would see people and time catching up on you. The next thing you will experience is a scratch or dent. So keep moving, change location, get bigger and stop dwelling on past achievements.

Don’t be too comfortable with your present achievement or position. This is just February, if you are not thinking of how to outdo last year’s achievement; you are already exuding a comfortable disposition over how far you have come. You should probably get a mattress and sleep on it. But really, this isn’t to say you shouldn’t celebrate your success (es), neither am I campaigning in support of greed. But there are more of you than what you are at the moment. If you achieved a set career or business goal, marital or parental goal last year, this year opens you up to other possibilities whilst you enjoy the recent greatness you attained. For a start, what impact do you intend to make in people’s life? Or your only concern is you and you alone? Set bigger goals by making impacts.

To second that, don’t sit at that comfortable zone this year. No…….not on that record. It is time to break your own records and set new standard. As a father, how much time do you spend with your family? It’s a new standard that defers from work related goals, make some moves on that. As a woman, do you think the hand that rock the cradle can also rock the boardroom? Well I think so. Just don’t park at your comfort zone this year, take a drive out of it. Be extra-ordinary.