The Good, the Bad and Ugly Addictions

In five seconds, if you wouldn’t think about its dictionary meaning, what would be your first explanation or opinion on addiction?

Think about it……1,2,3,4 and 5 and stop!

You’d probably thought of all the drug addicts you know. Those addicted to drinking, smoking, womanizing and all other bad habits. I guess it’s just a normal mental reaction to the word ‘addiction.’ We naturally but inexplicably think addiction is synonymous to bad habits. That was the same reaction we got at an interactive forum. About sixty per cent of those who spoke directed their definition of addiction to reflect just only bad habits. You begin to wonder, if addiction is to bad habits, what do you call a devoted habit to good things?

The good

Not every addiction makes your addict a bad one. Some simply makes you hardworking and productive. For anyone to be successful, he needs to be addicted to a particular lifestyle and mind-set. For instance, most successful people I have known or read about almost have a few addictions in common; they work more hours and sleep less hours than their unsuccessful counterpart. They are used to reading broadly and regularly. Likewise, they are used to planning and organizing their schedules. To have a good marital experience, one good habit that helps is the phrase ‘I am sorry.’ On your job, a good habit would be a daily and proactive execution of task, no procrastination. As a student, addicted studying is a profitable deal.

The bad

It is bad when it is worthless, defective, unpleasant, unwelcome, unsatisfactory, unfortunate, harmful, decayed, regretful, and shameful; guilt, severe, offensive, and invalid. The interpretation of bad seems to be endless according to the dictionary. A habit is bad when it reflect any of these. When you are used to such habit, it becomes a bad addict. When you are used to gossiping or smoking, it’s quite bad.

…… And the ugly

Don’t know if it’s just me but the word ugly in its self doesn’t sound right to the ears…’ugly’ hmm! The sound of it suggests, to a large extent its unpleasantness. There are habits that are repulsive and disgusting. When you are used to such, it becomes an ugly addiction. Stealing and adultery are a few examples. You can’t think of these two and not feel irritated and extremely annoyed.


Drawing the line………

Addiction is a choice. Addiction is a compulsive devotion to a habit. It is when you are dependent on a lifestyle. A man who smokes every day and another who prays daily are both addicted to a lifestyle. The difference here is the choice of habit. Before it becomes an addiction, it was first the choice to make an attempt, then a re-attempt, then consistency sets in and bam… addiction takes over. We all need to begin to watch what we allow in our lives. We equally need to begin to concentrate on those addictions that will help us as people and make us give back to our environment. Even Jesus was addicted to praying. Scripture says we need to pray at ‘all’ times- that’s an addicted prayer life. The good addiction is just where the future lies……….  your future is in your habits, make your choice.

Lets read your opinion in the comment box.

Be inspired ………. be more



4 responses to “The Good, the Bad and Ugly Addictions

  1. we thank God for where this inspirations are coming from…and we pray for a ceasless and more flow of it…i love most the part of drawing the line…thanks for making the world more inspiration per time.

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