The Conversation

I met a young man during my cousin’s wedding few weeks back. For the sake of this write-up, I will call him ‘Londona’. He was one of the guys that served the drinks for the day and because I am the type that relate with everybody, we started talking. Whilst I awaited the arrival of the groom and his bride, I decided to chat with people, one of whom was Londoner. After a few minute chat, he said he liked me and we got talking even more. I asked about his life and plans for the future. He said so little about himself and few more about his plans. I jokingly asked him “Ki lo sure ju bayi?” meaning what’s the most likely thing to happen to you in the nearest future and he responded “bro, London sure pass now o” meaning that his plan was to travel to London by any means.

It was painful to hear a young, vibrant looking man say this. I tried not to show it though and this I did for two reasons. One, I needed him to trust me enough to open up and secondly, I needed to know if he had genuine reason(s) for his London plan. Mind you, Londona has no qualification except for his secondary school-leaving certificate.

“To go and do what?” I asked him

“I don’t know! All I care about is to get out of this difficult country.” he responded
“Egbon!”- He called me just to confirm he got my attention and to check he was making sense.

“Yes!” I answered, obviously trying to be as calm as possible.

“By the time I get there, doors of opportunity will open” he proudly told me.

By now, the wedding hall was a bit busier. A wedding song was quietly filling the air. Some of the service boys had changed into their bright-colored uniform. Food was being placed in different strategic positions. There were vistas of colorful light against the purple and white linen piece used for decoration. Flower vase and a properly arranged cup and cutlery took different positions on the table for eight.

I wanted to know if he understood the reason he wanted leave. I asked if he knew his purpose and if he was sure his purpose could speak better in London than in Nigeria. Unfortunately, Londona couldn’t give any positive response. He had never bothered to know himself. He had nothing to take to London; no talent, no gift no expertise, no education, just his wish. For all he cared, people make it in London, he wants to go and make it too.

I tried not to talk him out of it. Instead, I made him see how unwise his plan sounded. Moreover, I told him

“Every purpose has a place of fulfillment. You need to understand first your reason for existing and secondly, where your purpose can speak the loudest. There is a place for every purpose to act. Situating yourself in a wrong environment will give your gift zero push”

I continued

“This is the situation a lot of people find themselves. People choose where they want to work and live but hardly consider abiding in a place and with a thing that will make their purpose speak even louder.”

“Understanding your assignment and the place of your assignment are two important considerations” I told him.

My Thoughts

For whatever reason you are created, your success is largely a function of where you operate. You can run to USA and return with nothing significant. As important as a car is, it only function well on the road. A car on water is incapacitated and can’t be fully maximized. A tea-cup is manageable in scooping water but will be better appreciated on the dining table. As useful as a mattress is, you can’t go to the office with it. It stays where it stay relevant. Chimneys are quite necessary in winter countries but I wonder what would bring it to Nigeria…… May be when we want to proof we are a big-man…….lol. These products function best in places where they are needed.

You are produced (created) by God, your purpose is the reason you are created, and it is the solution you are created to offer just like every other product in the market. But more importantly, there are areas where you will be needed more. There are areas where your purpose can speak louder. Producers of generating set understands importance of place (Market) in realizing the full use of their product. Today, Africa is their target, Nigeria a major market. There is a huge market for your gift; you can’t afford to take it to where it’s not needed.

I am not sure what Don would have Jasi if he stayed back in U.K. His greatest move was to relocate back to Nigeria where his kind of music is appreciated. Today, Don Jasi is one of the leading producers in the country. It is good to want to travel out for greener pasture but it’s not so good if your plan is to go without a structured plan and conviction.

I pray this conversation help someone

I am manueladesola
Your life deserves more
Be inspired


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