The Amazing Gifts in You


Growing up, there was just one gift I thought I had and this same gift I hated so much. Wasn’t sure it was fair on me not to have any other gift at the time. When every kid I knew boasted of interesting gifts, all I presented as gift was my ability to cook delicious soup and other time iron cloths. These were things I could do, nothing similar to the gifts of other kids in my neighborhood. At least, I knew some of them with the ability to sing and play different musical instruments; others were good in school and still did sporting activities. I think it is safe to say they could change and affect the world with their gifts, wasn’t sure if I could say the same about delicious soup. At some point, I started learning how to play basketball but time and chance didn’t allow me the expertise required to get noticed by Olumide Oyedeji during one of his organized basketball camp I attended.

So I hated this gift yet I didn’t think there was anything I could do about it, neither did I think there was anything I could do better. Somewhere within, I had subconsciously agreed with the circumstance I found myself and it felt that’s all I was about. Kitchen was and still is one of the few places I don’t like spending time. Yet, once upon a time in my life, it began to ‘sound’, ‘walk’ and ‘talk’ like I had a calling in it. Lol…….. Well! I have grown in my purpose through my many gifts to know I have no calling in the kitchen, only if I have to cook for my family and future wife.

A friend of mine discussed with a man whose age shouldn’t be anything below fifty-five. Whilst my friend was working on his hair to give him a ‘look-good’ appearance, he engaged him and they started talking. My friend find out this man has a dream to sing. Although a good fashion designer, he recently realized he has a gift and could sing very well. It then dawn on me, the time to recognize the presence of certain gift is a function time and many other variables. Time here doesn’t mean age, but the period you realize what you have and its essence. I have seen a four-year old display his talents remarkably and above is the story of a man in his late fifties. In the past, you tend to grow old before identifying your strength. But these days, a three-year old can be so expressive with his gift. Aside timing, other variable includes family background, orientation and influence. Also, academic background, peer influence and availability of a mentor; reading culture and being adventurous are others. In my opinion though, the greatest push to knowing your gift is personal interest and determination. You have to be interested in knowing what you can do and what natural abilities you have. The interest you have in giving yourself an identity is what triggers the gift in you. Either at five or fifty, your gift will speak when you have the desire. It is a function of knowing God has placed something in you and the understanding that the something is all you need to attain your place in life.

The million dollar question would then be what you would do if you realized there was a gift in you that could turn your world around? Think about what the world is to you; could be your family, your country or the entire universe. Imagine a gift that can turn what matters to you all around for good. I saw an old picture of 2Face and Blackface and I can’t help but try to predict 2 face’s opinion of his gift. I asked myself, ‘did he ever think his gift could bring him this far?’

Two people as well as things determine if your gift can change the world. These people are the giver and the receiver while the things are the ability to hone and use your gift. The giver, God is constant in giving and He gives the best. You have to be constant in receiving, and believing what you receive is the best. If you can’t find any, search, it is somewhere within. The gift for everyone is different, stop trying to be like anybody, you have your own unique gift and you either use your gift to change the world or destroy the world. With the things, you can’t use your gift raw, you have to hone it, develop it, get a coach/teacher or mentor if you have to, read materials and after wards, think big and use it big. Use your gift to change someone’s life and the world at large.

There is more to who you are than what you can see now. There is an amazing gift in you. My gift was never about cooking delicious soup, that just adds up to my many abilities. This fact was accentuated when I won the first ‘LacaseraApple story’, it tells me I have a lot more in me and they are all amazing gifts. You are necessarily not about what you are now, there is still more about you that needs to be unveiled. The giver has given you an amazing gift; before He formed you He made you a great person. Are you ready to receive this amazing greatness? If your gifts haven’t spoken for you, then you need to work more. Ask these questions?

1 Has the giver given me any gift? If your answer is no, answer question two. If yes, jump to question three.
2 Why haven’t I received what the giver has given me? Sometimes, we fail to see the gift in what we can do, instead we want who we are not e.g. you want to sing when you are born to run.
3 What do I need to do to develop my gift? If it has been developed, go to the last question.
4 How do I use my amazing gift to affect my world?

Until next time, be inspired…… more

Happy New Month

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