If you ever fail, please fail to discover


There are certain people who fail in life; they are people who are not scared to fail. They dare to do the impossible and have so much courage, the only thing they can’t do is to sit and do nothing. Not everyone who tries to achieve something big fail. But every working idea or invention today was a dream at some point that was subject to failure. The only reason it materialized was because the brain behind it took a bold step to pursue it irrespective of challenges. There is something in you now that needs expression but if you allow fear dominate; what will dominate the headline is the gist of your failure. Then again, not all failure leads to public embarrassment, a few other failure leads to discoveries depending on how you look at it. If ever you fail, count it as a step closer to your success. Instead of defeat, look for what you can learn from such situation.
Study this quote before you read further.

“Fail often to succeed sooner” – Jennifer White

Does this make any sense to you?

Please hold on here and meditate on the quote you have just read. Does it mean anything to you? Can you relate it to where you are or where you want to be?

Thomas Edison sought to invent the electric light bulb but didn’t get it right the first time. To me, the sentence ‘didn’t get it right the first time’ was putting it lightly. What it mean is that he failed the first time he tried to invent a light bulb. The good part was, after the first failure, Edison tried again. All he did after failing was to make a note of what he had done and what components he had used. He adjusted the experiment and tried again. When that failed, he readjusted, made notes and tried again. He kept learning each time he tried again. He learned all the ways a light bulb wouldn’t work and discovered, at each time, the chemicals and elements that wouldn’t work too. Today, light bulb is one of the greatest inventions.

Make your own discovery today; find out the elements in your effort that needs to be removed. Discover the path you need to ignore and find the right path to your success.
If you ever fail, please fail and discover. No point blaming any one for your failure; not the Government, your parent, academic status, friend or environment. You failed because something was not in place, discover what this was and try again.

Thomas Edison didn’t try once; he tried many times before he got it right. Before he was successful, each effort led to failure, each failure led to the discovery of what wouldn’t work to invent a light bulb and all discoveries eventually led to a great innovation.

It is the end of the week, another week starts tomorrow. Do something and achieve greatness, if you ever fail, please fail to discover.

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