Secrete of your future is in your daily routine

 What you do daily is what determines what you become. It is who you are daily that determines who you become in life. It is not what you save in one day that gives you financial freedom and it is not the exercise you do in just one day that changes your health. It is your daily exercise and financial routine that gives you both health and financial freedom. There are men and women today in various works of life who have successfully built an admirable life. What we see in them today is a future they consciously built through their invested time and energy. You need to be able to define what the future is for you to be able to schedule your routine at achieving it. You can’t desire to be the best stock broker and you designed a daily routine that builds only your social life. You have to design a routine that builds your stock broking strength as well. If who you see in your self is a world acclaimed singer, a daily routine in ‘wishing’ to be one can’t take you there.

You have to start a routine towards your future by first defining what the future is. This is essential so as not to build so much strength in the wrong area. John C Maxwell is a speaker and a writer. He came up with the ‘Rule of five’, a concept he uses to define his daily routine towards achieving greatness. David Hoyt wrote on his website, ‘The Rule of five is simply a series of activities that you do EVERY DAY that are fundamental to your success.’ This concept stresses five things he must do or stick to daily to achieve his desired future. To John C Maxwell, the future is motivating and teaching people through writing and speaking. This is why he has the following as his daily routine in his Rule of five.

ü  He reads

ü  He files documents

ü  He thinks

ü  He ask questions

ü  He writes

Today, he is the author of several books and a sought after speaker. Whatever you do, make sure you invest in your future. Rev T.D Jakes calls it ‘investing in your area of control’. You need to incorporate a pattern in your daily life and watch yourself spread our corporations.

Another thing to do is to believe in the future you see. What you don’t believe you can’t become. Be positive, speak and act positively about your future. Until you are convinced about your future, you will be skeptical about your daily routine. Only you saw the future, it is when it materializes that we can see it and what brings it to public view is your daily effort towards it. Trust me, it takes believing in a cause to invest in it.

Do you want to change your physical looks, do you want to gain promotion at work, grow in your relationship or pursue a career. Start by doing a research on what it would take to achieve it and highlight the required routine and just simply apply.

Keep growing and keep developing.

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