Muddy Opportunity- All about the shit

For the purpose of this article,

Shit means problems

To pack shit means to solve problems

I wrote some weeks ago how it is that it’s in the most unimaginable places and situations you find opportunities to be established. When this situation presents itself, people fail to see what they are made from; instead, they focus on what they are made of. The country is what it is today (underdeveloped) because somebody somewhere must develop it. Naturally, undeveloped situations present more opportunities than a developed situation but because of its undeveloped nature, it tends to be covered up in shit and all you see and smell is the shit.

panning for gold in mud hole

Panning for Gold in Mud Hole





Another opportunity encumbered by shit is the fact that people can’t do everything by themselves. Invariably, there is always that situation they say shit to because of their inability to do it and before you know; they need someone who can do it for them. You hear something like “shit! I can’t do it.” Remember I said the country is underdeveloped, so also are the people in terms of our ability to do things ourselves. In other climes, most especially those insinuated to be developed; there are so many things the inhabitant can do without having to call someone. This is called DIY (Do it yourself). What we practice here is DIFY (Do it for you.) it is the DIFY’s someone will pay you fortune for. However, don’t expect it to be easy and smooth because if it was, no one will pay you to do it.


With your knowledge in make-up

Every opportunity disguised in shit attracts a responsibility. There is what you will have to do to get the good from whatever you are involved in.



You will be able to make someone look as beautiful and gorgeous as this – Picture from

Your number one responsibility is to be able to identify an opportunity. No one will help you do this. You need to be able to tell when there is a shit and if you can pack it. When there is a problem, instead of complaining like others, be curious, ask unlikely questions on why it’s the way it is and if it could happen in a better way.

 Another responsibility is for you to identify your ability. Do you have what it takes to pack the shit? If you don’t,  can you learn how,  read how or strike a deal with someone who knows how.


Otunba Gadafi realized there were lots of public shit. Today, kaka business is a serious one.

Your next responsibility is to identify the group of people you can work with to pack the shit. This is your shit but you can’t pack it alone when it get so much. For a start you may have to work alone, but you need support system; people who can advice and give moral/financial support. Later, you will need to employ.

Lastly, it is your responsibility to make a move now. I learnt something lately from a friend, you may not have people push you to act all the time, you owe yourself that honour/responsibility to do something on the shit you have identified. Pray hard and work hard, this goes hand in hand.

Until next time, identify a shit and start packing.



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