Inspired Read; The Super Achievers

Do you know there are things you can do per day to change your experience and get results in life? One of such is reading every day. I don’t agree with the saying that ‘to successfully hide a thing from a black man, put it in a book’  because we read, maybe not as much. However, I agree with the saying that ‘readers are leaders.’ Books capture not just the author’s imagination, other times, it captures the author’s experience and series of solution to a problem he had gone through or researched on. Book educates, entertains and engages’ readers per time.

What this page, ‘Inspired Read’ aim at achieving is a brief x-ray of books and the authors. The first book I want to talk about is titled ‘THE SUPER ACHIEVER’S BREAKFAST’, authored by Sam Adeyemi. This is one of the books I read last year that changed my approach towards success.



 About the Book

The book is a daily inspirational nugget for achieving outstanding success and it is useful for everybody as long as you want to succeed and perhaps, you are not sure of how to go about it. The book explores secrete to success which could be alien to you because the culture around tends to ignore some of the talked about points in the book. The success talked about isn’t limited to financial success alone, it also talks about success in the home, spiritual, and emotional success.

One of the advantages of the book is that it is an easy to read, daily nugget of one page each. Each page covers different topics and a space to put down your thoughts should anything occur while reading. The book is meant to cover a period of three months. This is to make sure that you meditate upon what you read daily and act on them before moving to the next page the next day.

Few of the things the book will show you include:

1         How to become the person you want to be

2        When your success is close

3        Who you can learn from to be successful

4        What true success really is


Lagos-20140524-00097About the Pages

The book has 101 pages of inspirational and practical topics/steps on success and the last seven pages covers references and other information about SUCCESS POWER INTERNATIONAL and the firm that published it, PNEUMA PUBLISHING.



About the Author

imagesSam Adeyemi is a leadership coach and author of several books on successful living. He is the President, Success Power International. He is a pastor and host of a radio and television programme. He has a God-given mandate to teach scriptural success principles. He is married and lives in Lagos.

This is one of the books I read that changed my daily effort towards success. Today, I have proof for this. So try to get one and read. If you stay around Akoka, yaba or work in V.I, I have five copies to give out. Follow me on twitter @manueladesola and ask for it. First five people gets the book for free.