Quit Losing Sleep

Quit losing sleep over people who don’t accept you or your ideas, it is part of Gods plan. Nothing can actually stop what God has destined you for, whatever goes wrong now is part of the plan because all things work together for good. If you doubt this, study Joseph. His brothers loosed sleep over him and eventually sold him out because they hated him. The irony is, their intention was to sell him out for his dream not to become a reality but unknowingly, what they did was to push him even closer to where the dream would be established. ‘Don’t be discouraged by the problem, it is all part of the process that God uses to bring about His promise’- Joel Osteen. There is no set back; whatever it is you are going through is a set up for God to do something great in your life and future. Every difficulty will deposit something in you, a new possibility and a new way of doing things. You only lose out when you dwell on whatever you are going through instead of where you are going to.  


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