What makes me a True Nigerian


As a Nation that emanated from the coming together of three major ethnic groups, my allegiance is to my country before my ethnic.

trtrTo the collective struggles and vision that delivered the independence  I hold in high esteem and pledge to defend.

I am a true Nigerian because in the history of my country I find strength, for a purpose the color of my skin has helped to blend in.


wrfwAnd because in the struggles of our Fathers was the liberation that gave me a chance to live a free man.

What makes me a true Nigerian isn’t  my language, but the way I communicate the dream of my Country.

Neither is it my background, but the common ground we meet as Nigerians to tackle a common problem.

imagesxsaWhat makes me a true Nigerian is my mind, tenacity,resilience and the hope I share in achieving a Great country

What makes you a true Nigerian? share your thoughts and engage me.