What’s Important or Urgent To You

Everyimagesthing that has to do with human activity and achievement has four important angles or defining perspective to it. Two factors in every effort defines to a large extent how far one has come, had gone or will eventually go. These factors from different point of interpretations give different results and mostly determines what works out and what wouldn’t.

The idea in IMPORTANT and URGENT are the two major factors that should be considered when determining what activity to embark on towards achieving goals in any area of life. Not all activities are important and not all needs urgent attention. Some activities are time-wasting, while some are unnecessarily cash consuming, where, other activity deserves bulk of your time and cash.

The first is that some activities are important and urgent. This includes things that you can’t do without and unfortunately you have limited time in achieving them. This may include a failing health, a task at work or crisis generally. On any issue that falls here, you have no choice but pay quick attention. However, some issues fall under this category because as some point, somebody failed to take them into cognizance until it becomes a threat to success or life.

The second are the Urgent but not important activities. Situations under this category demands your immediate attention, either for certain clarification or purpose but won’t hurt your goals or life if you fail on them. Some phone calls or visit to a friend fall under this level of activities.

The third categories of focus are those activities that are not urgent and not important. In this, you don’t need any definite effort to carry them out. Personally, I think Friday night outing with friends fall under this category. Any pleasurable engagement also fall under this category. You just want to have fun because like they say, life is beautiful.

The fourth category is what most effective people concentrate their efforts on. They are activities that are not urgent but important. This includes prevention and maintenance activities, and activities that are projective. If you focus your attention on this in any area of your life, you will be able to figure important activities to do to achieve certain things and enough time to work with. Exercising to prevent heart related problem is one, setting and working on goals of five to two years is another.

It is important to separate your activities under any of these to help you define which activity requires your urgent attention and which is more important. As long as you know what you want to achieve in life, you will need this information in setting your goals. It is important to embrace activities that will move you forward and cut activities that are trivial and add nothing to your success in life.

Until next time, use your time and resources on activities that will add more to you………

Be inspired



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