Gain Focus

Do you agree that not everyone who watches actually see something, and not everyone who listens hear anything? In the same way, not everyone that is busy is actually focused on what they are busy doing or strictly have their mind on it. Excellence in anything, among other determinants, requires undivided attention. Whatever is worthy of your time is worthy of your concentration for most result. No matter how many things you have to do, or how broaden your capacity for achievements is, each and everything can only be done best when they are tackled with full concentration.

The dictionary defines Focus as giving attention, effort etc. to one particular subject, situation or person. From this definition, focus implies expending your capacity over one thing at a time. As soon as you gain control in your endeavors’ or activities in life, it is important to gain focus over them. You might have analyzed what need’s to be done on your job, marriage, career or spiritual life, if you don’t focus on how it needs to be done and in the order that is required, you might end up where you took off. This is not to say you can’t combine other things, but even in your combinations, whatever is before you at every point need undivided attention.

For someone who multi-task, you can boast of your ability to do five things at the same time but you can’t assuredly boast of having same effective outcome. Whilst you are on the system reading, typing and perhaps on a call talking, you can’t listen and assimilate effectively at the same time. This explains the purpose of gaining focus; it is for you to be productively effective on everything that deserves your effort. It is a waste of time to want to do several things at the same time and end up with mediocrity when within the same allotted time, you can plan your activities to record absolute effectiveness.

Have a picture of what you want to achieve, put down how you want every area of your life to turn out. It is possible to have a wonderful relationship, so stay focused on that. You can be the best in your field, keep that in mind all the time.

Then in these areas, have a list of focus on what you need to do in order of requirements. This will help you capture all that is required for your success and help you stream line the steps necessary for success. If you want to be the best where you work, list all you need for success and stay with it.

Execute each item on the list one after the other; make sure you are through with the first thing on the list before moving to the next. This means you don’t move to the next focus until you have successfully worked on existing focus. For instance, if you want a good home, you must make sure you focus on being a good man first.

Lastly, time yourself on every focus so as not to lose track of time. I hear when you do a thing for twenty-one days it become a habit. I tried it recently and I think you should too.

Until next time, stay focused and count your achievements.





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