Gain Control

controlI have come to realize that the reason people don’t make headway in their endeavors may be because they are not in control of what they do. It is possible to be part of a journey; to be in control is what guarantees a successful end to the journey. Before you can conclude you are on a path free of obstacles, you have to make sure you are not your own first and main obstacle. If you find yourself doing things that will compromise your success, then you have lost it to the unbridled influence of lack of control.

When you are not in control, you are operating under certain inhibiting force. Knowingly or otherwise, you can’t tell how things will turn out. Though you are moving, to what direction or for how long are questions that eludes you. This is the situation in several relationship, career, academic pursuit, work and even purpose. Until you gain control over this things, you are likely going to lose your grip on them. Until you define the essence of each activity of your life, you can’t exert any definite influence for a purposeful end. Although you have a job that you do, to what end are you performing your duties-passively without a goal or determinedly towards a goal?

To gain control in your endeavors, you will need to understand yourself. Define who you are. In the long run, it will expose you to what you are about. Every product has its uniqueness and purpose, so do humans. Understand your person and define your personal perspective. This is necessary for you so as not to be involved in just about anything that your natural capacity can’t give you edge or control over.

When you know who you are then you can express what you want. What you will ever want is embedded in who you are and who you are can only ask for what will suit you. It is easy to control wants that stem from your natural desires. You can condition such want to a desired end devoid of uncontrollable influences.

After knowing who you are and what you want, learn how to achieve it.  What will it take to be the man you want in your career or relationship? Be in control of these means. Understand how what you want works, analyze it and plan towards it.

Then go for what you have analyzed that can give you the most desired outcome. The greatest regret would be not to do what you could as at when you should. Time waits for no one; the best time to act is now. Act on your convictions, be who you should be and be achievers.

Until next time, gain control.



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