One Moment in His Presence


One moment in His presence brings fullness of joy

And pleasure at His right hand

With no regret of the essence of His greatness

But the lifting that comes with the Light in His word

To find the path of life, ways to go and things to do that makes great

From mess to message He will make your story sound on earth


Just a night with the King and your mouth will be filled with testimony of His deeds

He will make a way where there is no way and make water spring forth from deserts

The night will glow with its brightness and her grace will find you in the comfort of His glory


Just one day in His court and He will change your course

From the lost to the called He will wash

One word from the Lord and you will be restored

In double fold you will enjoy

Everything lost or taken will be recaptured


One meet with Him and all your needs would be met

He will hear your cry and give you shoulder to lean

With a blink of eye it will be over, every worry and shame will end


One encounter with Him and all troubles are over

You will stand to recount the greatness of His power

Of His might and empire

He will repair and replace parts of you that needs His power

The lame will walk

The blind will see

The sad will rejoice

The lonely will accommodate

Barren will carry fruits

Rejected will become accepted

Failure will win

Hopeless will hope

The faithless will faith

The dreadful will bold


One moment in His presence is enough

One moment in His house is all we need





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