verrazano-bridgeIn December 31st 2012, about one year ago, I posted the first part of this article which you can read here ( but I have to warn you it is very interesting 🙂

Yet again, we are at the bridge to next year. This minute plus another and the next will take us steps closer to the bell to tell it is the next day, the first day of next year. Another calendar of 365 days will begin its count, just like time, nothing can stop the flow of the days. You may tear the calendar, but nope not the ticking of clock.

We are at the edge of the bridge to next year; we are all here to walk through the length of it to the end of it. On the other end is what you cannot tell, but with hope and faith you can sketch your optimism and vision. ‘This time next year, I will do things differently’ is a statement many have rhetorically pronounced while some had empirically expressed. Now by the bridge to next year, how many of these promises of change and achievement are you able to fulfill and how many was reneged upon? The answer definitely will be in the weight of worries and disappointments you are carrying across the bridge to next year now. But like I did write last year, imagine the bridge will collapse with heavy burdens and there is a promulgation that you can’t go into next year with these huge burden of things you couldn’t do or plans you couldn’t execute. This arguably, is because there is only one bridge to next year which has the tendency to collapse with heavy loads. Apparently, you would do things differently to make sure you don’t miss the chance to move into next due to burdens of task you couldn’t achieve.

With every year that comes is a new resolution made, at least decisions are made to do a few things and another to undo other things. Life gets better when these decisions to change take effect. The life you live takes the icing on the cake, the world you dwell repeats same and people around you can attest to how your life has affected theirs tremendously. To the eyes, resolutions may seem to translate to personal gains; you decide to change and the change will be to your favor you say but in real sense, every time you change how you do things, the effect from it extends to the world you live in.

But have you noticed; what probably hindered the resolution made in January 2013 isn’t the lack of wish but will. On the bridge to next year, you probably have some unfulfilled ambition because you fail to add extra to your efforts and at large your abilities. When you do things in extra-ordinary way, you make extra-ordinary feats.

The world today is full of like minds. The vision you have is shared by another mind that dream. Across ocean, through land or in the air, the world is one, with one problem and same solution. That you can think of solving a problem means another soul is capable of solving same. What present your result different is the ‘extra’ added to your ordinary effort. You see, it is not about having dreams but running with the dream. When you mix your dream with passion and diligence solutions, no force on earth can deny you victory.

The story of every man sounds same at birth; everyone is born equal as a child, with the hope of growing great in life.  With time, family background, education and efforts are the differing factors. When I considered the distribution of these factors, I concluded life is not fair. Perhaps, it may never be fair. This means that life, based on circumstance beyond human control, have placed some people on the part of greatness while it placed other in the mist of wants. But with the likes of Atiku Abubakar, Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris to mention a few persons, life has been challenged on her uneven distribution of fortune.  These people have shown that what life has not willingly placed in their hands can be diligently claimed. With hard work and determination, they climbed the ladder of fortune with niche carved in sweats.

To give excuse based on where you come from won’t help; rather it will constrain you to the history of your wretched family. Your environment can’t be an excuse; it is the same we have foreigners risk life to inhabit. Your lack of education, money, people or connection also can’t stand as an excuse for not succeeding, lack of them are what drive achievers to success point. The only acceptable excuse to give for not executing your resolution and succeeding is death. So are you dead or alive?

In few hours we shall all cross the bridge to next year, the countdown is on. I won’t write about resolutions or that you make plans, although from knowledge these are necessary. But in 2014, try not to give a single excuse. You wouldn’t want to have project you couldn’t execute on the bridge to 2015, whatever you want to do, add a little ‘extra‘ to your efforts at times. Be extra-determined, focused, ambitious, diligent, and hardworking to succeed. It is about the ‘extra’.

From me to you is so much love and I wishing you a prosperous and successful 2014.

Trust me; it is going to be a glorious year for you.

 I am @manueladesola on twitter, we can be friends.



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