OPEN LETTER- Christmas hasn’t Changed


Two thousand years ago, few people know about the birth of Christ and not so many know the reason for His birth. Some heard about His birth and honored Him with gifts, others heard and sort to kill Him. For another thirty years, Christ lived an ordinary life among men, where not so many know Him as the Savior. He came across to several rather too quickly as the son of the carpenter than the son of God. But after the spirit of God came upon him, who announced Him to the world, the story changed. After seeing the mighty works of God through him, skeptics asked, “Is this not Jesus, the son of Joseph the carpenter?” it was recorded Christ moved around healing, teaching, saving, delivering, feeding and reconciling the lost souls, showing love, giving joy and peace according to prophet Isaiah.

Isaiah 9:6 says for unto us a Child was born, unto us a Son was given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

Then the time came for Him to pay the last sacrifice which was the essence of his birth. As difficult as it seem, He gave His life for everyone.

Christmas is here again, a day to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Looking around today, it seems the willingness to merry isn’t just there or the cash is not available. Weeks ago, two of my friends were discussing about how Christmas season has changed. They are of the opinion Christmas does not translate to that good old season they grew up to know anymore. To them, Christmas has lost its grandeur and effect. I didn’t want to agree with them, so I tried to look out for reasons, facts to nullify their points but then, I failed to convince them. There is still something about Christmas. It should be more than buying clothe, rice and eating chicken. It should be more than caring for our families alone, should be more than the selfish procurement of good things during this season. Christmas can never change-it is people who have changed; changed in mindset, understanding, perspectives and ideologies.

It seems Christmas has changed over the years considering your experiences as you grow up, but it sure hasn’t. Christmas remains the day the slayer of darkness was birthed into this world. As we grow up, Christmas surprisingly take different shapes and forms. To the little ones, Christmas is a season of receiving. To adults, and those who really understand the essence of the 25th of every December, Christmas should be more of a day to give out. To me, this is where the difference in my Christmas experience is. As a child, during Christmas, people make things happen for me. So much fun, joy, smiles, dances and gift items, but as an adult, that has changed. Now I realize it’s possible for me to have my fulfilling Christmas experience even as an adult, by making things happen for others.

On this day, God gave to our world a gift in Christ Jesus, who later died for the sin of every man. Christmas however signifies a season of giving. The bible says God gave His only begotten Son. God saw problem in the world, such that could wipe every man out as sinners. Thus, He freely gave Christ on this day to humanity for remission of sin, to solve problems.

The ministry of Jesus among many other things is to cater for the needy. Christmas ought to be a day set aside to cater for the needy. Many people out there don’t have what to eat this Christmas while others have more than enough to eat. Some would spend hundreds of thousands getting gift for those who already have while those who don’t have continue to live in abject poverty and lack. Some have money to fly out of the country as many times for Christmas shopping, while several average Nigerians are somewhere thinking seriously how to get money to buy food to celebrate Christmas. Some people also have about ten different expensive clothe for ten different events within this season. Someone somewhere is thinking of leveraging on the clothe he wore two Christmas ago this year.

Let’s tag a different meaning to this season of birth of Christ. He was giving to us as a gift, to sacrifice his life as a sign of Gods immeasurable love for humanity. This is the best time to replicate this godly gesture by looking around us, giving arms and help and putting smile on someone’s face. What will give you the greatest joy on earth isn’t that expensive gift you got, but the explosive smile you put on someone’s face, the blast you make out of someone Christmas experience and the new look you afford another. It will give you the greatest fulfilment this Christmas to be a family to those who have no family like the orphans. Go to the hospital, show someone they are loved and prayed for. Go to that helpless man in the prison, make him happy this season. Encourage someone to live right this day. For the first time, focus on other people instead of yourself, make someone’s Christmas experience this season exceptional and in return get your childhood memory of a Christmas filled with joy, fulfilment and satisfaction.

Christmas can never lose its value, meaning or essence. It forever will remain the blessed day our savior came to life. Christmas only means different things to us as we grow. Make your Christmas season count.

Merry Xmas


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