You are beautiful just the way you are: Smile


You are beautiful just the way you are

Without doubt, you are the greatest example of Gods work. After several years of creating you, He does not need to edit your features. No reason to re-adjust your eyes, the socket where it sit will forever suit your forehead. Your ears are smoothly crafted to adorn your head so much that it would look odd if it was beside your ankle. Your legs below your waist would have been a mistake if they were above your waist. And trust me, your face needs no further panel beating, any extra work on it will make you look like a visitor on earth. God has made you so perfect there is no room to edit you.

You look beautiful just the way you are.

In Genesis 1:26- And God said, let us make man in our own image, after our likeness. My dictionary tells me likeness is the fact of being similar to a person or thing, especially in appearance. This is not a typographical error in the bible; it’s the scriptural illumination of how you look; like God. The bible is not written by a philosopher; not by Socrate or Plato. Everything there was given through the inspiration of God. So when God said you are made in His likeness, it’s not a ploy, neither is it unfounded because it’s the truth. So I tell you, it’s not going to be a mistake for you to think you look like God because you are His children. The son of a goat looks like a goat; the son of God could not have looked like a ‘no god’. For ye are gods.

You are beautiful just the way you are.  smiley

You are beautiful because you look like God and God is beautiful. Maybe you don’t know because you don’t know how God looks. And when a friend says you look somehow or terrible, all you still do is ask if he is serious. Our God who you are modeled after doesn’t look somehow, He looks perfect. Exodus 24:9-11 describes God with legs and feet because He was standing on something like sapphire, hand which He didn’t lay on the nobles of Israel, face because they saw God and voice because God spoke to them. Ezekiel 1; 26-28 says, and revelation 1:14-16 tells us more about how God looks. This two bible chapters use symbolic languages to describe even what human language cannot. Furthermore, to know about the beauty of God is to look at the wonders He has done.  Through the beautiful works of God, you can tell the kind of heart that rots such wonders. He is like the mighty works of his hand. Like the rainbow, just after the rain. He looks like the beautiful star just when the night falls. His eyes are beautiful; they are blue just like the sea He created.  He shines so bright, like the light and shines out darkness. He is like the rock, so strong in our life. Erect the high mountains and we know He is higher than any trouble in our lives. Like the moon, he is the only living God and like the sky, He mightily covers His children.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

By now, knowing how God looks, you don’t need to be told how you look again because you look like Him.  You don’t have to listen to people whose mouth run faster than what they plan to say. In few seconds, they think they know all your flaws. They are liars, you have no flaws. It’s their mouth that’s flooring acceleration of their utterances. Bla blab la, they always want to tell what you need to make you look beautiful and what you don’t need to look beautiful. Listen, all you have is all you need, what you don’t have is what you don’t need. You don’t need any facial surgery, that your round face is perfect. That pointed nose suits you. You have it, maybe because a different kind of nose will make you look like a grandma. Your height is perfect. You are not tall because you deserve to be called a dwarf. But maybe be your purposes in life can only get fulfilled when you enter a particular place, while this place is so small you can only squeeze yourself inside because of your stature. If you are tall like me, it’s not because you merit the nickname ELECTRIC POLE, but maybe because to fulfill your God giving purpose, you need speed which only your long leg can give.

Until next time when  I will post the next series of  ‘ You are beautiful just the way you are,’ please smile. 🙂

Be inspired, Be more………….

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