Race it or not, someone will win

“It has been my observation that most people get ahead during the time that others waste”

Henry Ford

Life and human existence has been x-rayed to be a consistent race that only ends when life end. The race is in phases and stages. From one level of race, you qualify for the next, lose out on another or get disqualified. Why is this so?  As at today, the world has her population to be somewhere around 7 billion, consisting of men and women of varying ages and sizes. Each age defines a stage in human life with peculiar achievements relevant to it. This therefore means, at each stage, there are achievements to be recorded before moving on to the next stage. If you fail to record it, you may never have the opportunity to try again. In Nigeria, once you fail to be the head-boy in secondary school, you can never be at the university. There are other achievements you will need to concentrate on at the university level. In other climes, once you fail to be the Prom King or Queen in high school before you graduate, no Prom honorary title for you in college.

At each level of growth in life or in status, there is just one place for whoever will be number one. If you can’t be number one, then you have to settle for number two or three. For you not to settle for any place lower than first requires your active performance in each race. The irony of it all however is, no matter how hard or tireless you work, there can only be one person for the first place. This means, as you are working so hard for that price, several others are recording sleepless nights for the same purpose.

The race of life generally, according to scientific explanation starts when several hundreds of sperm released by man scrambled to be the one to meet the egg from the female partner to form a cell. The race for the price of egg can never be stopped because other sperm didn’t make it or because others broke on the way, the race continues.

From the forming of a pregnancy to when a man dies, life is a race that can never stop because of personal inefficiency or inability to clinch the price. When you fail to take part in a race, nobody will lose out except you. Because whilst you fail to grasp the opportunity embedded in the race, someone out there is doing all he can to personalize the race. It then will turn out that no one will miss your sportsmanship. In fact, the spectator will be busy chanting and pouring accolades on the active sprinter and his showmanship.

Where ever you find yourself, be conscious of the ongoing race, either at work, at home, in school or on a business initiative and idea delivery, you are not the only one on it. Yet, at every point, there is just one place for a winner. No matter what your excuses are, it would be seen as a reason not to continue in the race, you may be sidelined for proper check just as they do to an injured sprinter but the game will never be stopped. When the game is over, on the list of participants, you either have yours on it as the winner, loser, injured or disqualified.

This new day, brace yourself up for the race of life, no excuses today. You may not win the race but participating and failing means you are a step closer to your own price. If you don’t race, the world will and won’t wait for you. Don’t waste any more time, invest it all in you.


Be inspired, Be more………….

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