Attitude Equals Altitude.


In every society there is a class structure determined sometimes by personal success or family’s economic, social or educational status. It means if you are not successful enough to work yourself up the societal class, the good family status you inherit can shoot you up the social  ladder. There is also a class structure in every field of work. This is why we have the term foreign and home based players.It is believed the foreign based are of high-class, more exposed, well paid and talented to have been spotted by foreign coaches. In every field there are professionals, there are amateurs and those called rookies. A teller today can rise to become a bank manager, a sales person can grow to become a CEO. I have seen a call customer service agent become a call center manager and the list is endless. Each level of growth will expose you to new and different social class but will need a changed behavioral pattern from you.

To meet the requirements of the highest level in personal life, career or social status, one of the key ingredients is a composed character. Invariably, one of the things that decide how high you go ‘altitude’ is your attitude. To change the level you are now, you must be ready to change your character. To be like them, you need to learn to live like them. Research shows basic characteristics of successful people. It means to be on the highest level in your life or career, there are do’s and don’t you need to cultivate as habits. This is because each level in life or career has an acceptable character that you need to cultivate to run within it. For instance, if you do not have a company of your own, you may decide to sleep more than you think. But one good attribute of a business owner is the ability to stay awake and think otherwise his business crumbles. To stay on-top, it is important to drop some behaviors and pick others up.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi in his book The Super Achievers Breakfast wrote it is your attitude that determines your altitude in life”

Stephen R.Covey also talked about the required character of a successful person in his  book The 7 Habits of highly effective people. He talked about habits that are expected of anyone that wants to be effective.

Their contributions show attitude is a very important factor in human race to success. A report shows that high percentage of people who succeed at what they do or where they work is as a result of about 30 percent talent and 70 percent character. To have a good relationship or good marital experience, it has been argued over again that the effect of good character can not be over emphasized.

To go high you must go far, to go far you must think high and to think high you must act right

What kill some successful people is lack of ingredients to stay atop. Fortune may help you meet a success level but can not put you there permanently. Your talents can push you up but is too weak to sustain you there. John C Maxwell in his book, Talent is Never Enough wrote “The professional sports world is filled with athletes who have extraordinary talent and yet end up with mediocre careers. Of course, every field has people who have failed to achieve their individual talent potential. Why? Talent alone is not remarkable.” He wrote that talents is very important, it exposes an individual and make him known for his craft but what make him stay on top of the chat is his character. He concluded that “you must add an effort to talent to make it matter.”

Be inspired, Be more………….

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