Choose your spot; a star or fan

indexAlthough I have never gone to a stadium to watch a live foot ball match so I cannot precisely tell you how it feels. But I play Basketball so I can tell you what it feels like from a players perspective and then from a spectators perspective. Back to the game of football. The scope of spectator-ship has broadened with the current technological development that every game of football has the potential for multiplied viewership all over the world. You can watch it on the television, on the web or even listen to commentary on radio. This means for every sixty thousand capacity stadium, there are several thousand watching through these various tech means.  The 2013 UEFA Champions league final between FC Bayern Munchens and Borussia Dortmun was played in Wembley and was aired in more than 200 countries to an estimated global average audience of 150 million and a projected global unique reach of 360 million viewership, where the Wembley stadium is just about 90,000 capacity. It means that the technological and digital outreach has increased the viewership to an all time record.

For every active player on a field of play , millions of people in the world have the privilege to know him, see his skills and clap for him, even several miles away. People will want to know his name, will research everything about him and turn to be his fan. The irony however is that, except on rare occasion, no one really cares about who a fan is, no one can bother about each spectator especially now that it is growing so fast. In their millions, every spectator goes by one name, they are called fans but a player is singled out to be tagged a star, recognized by his skills.

Life is another field of play with billions of people as spectators. It takes diligent use of Gods deposit in a man to stand out among this huge inhabitant of the world. You can’t ignore your ability and expect to be recognized for it. You can’t be comfortable as a spectator and expect to make an impact on the field of play. If you don’t work with what you have, you can never be who you want to be. It takes conscious use of inherent talent and continuous training and use of such to take a spot on the field in life. The spot is limited and only for a few. Where as, there is enough room in the audience arena, and even extended rooms in each homes, bars, events to mention a few places where a game could be watched.

If you don’t know who you are, you can never be a person the world wants to look out for. If you don’t sharpen your skills, the billions of audience present today will have no time for you. You just don’t want to be a spectator in life, with your uniqueness you can be a star in your field. When the world is appreciating Mr A for the landmark achievement in science and tech, be brave and diligent enough to receive recognition for landmark achievements also in your field; as a doctor, police officer, fire fighter, driver or whatever it is you do. So that while the world is paying to watch or listen to Mr C, they are also buying your books, listening to your song or paying for your services. Remember, if you have nothing to show to the world, the best you can be is a fan of those who do.

Be inspired, Be more………….

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