Dont quit, just S.T.O.P

never give upI heard an intriguing statement and I can’t help but agree to it and it goes thus, ‘it is not that successful people do not face challenges, of course they do face challenges just like everyone but they know how to outsmart most challenges.’ This crop of people are successful because they understand challenges are part of what will make them succeed.  Where-as,  an average  man dread any challenge, he runs from it and sometimes want to go into hiding away from it.

Challenges are not bad; they are confirmations that you are active and not idle. They are the building block to success. The more challenges you handle, the wiser you become and a step closer you get to success.

When you are challenged in your pursuit, purpose or program , it is not a cue to quit. In fact, it is a sign that what you are aiming for is possible but you need to learn one more thing and a better way of achieving it.

Life is like a board game, when you are still learning or as an amateur, the chances of you encountering challenges are high. But your success or failure, professionalism or continued amateur-ship on the game depends on your ability to be a strategic no-quitter.

Every challenge has it expiration date, If you don’t quit, you don’t lose . If you keep at it, with determination to see things through, the word ‘successful’ is so close you will feel it.

Whenever you are challenged, just S.T.O.P 

Stop: Challenges could be a bit over whelming, if you keep at it without a break, it may wear you out without the opportunity to re-strategize. Have you ever watched a boxing match before? If the punches are coming consistently from one side; the punch taker will definitely pass out if there is no break. Don’t wait till you pass out on the punches of challenge before you give yourself a break.

Think: The reason you need to stop and take that break is to think. For instance, why are the punches coming so consistently, what have you been doing wrong, which guard is down? In life, you need to think about the loop holes in your pursuits, what you shouldn’t be doing and what you should start doing immediately?

Observe: With a heavyweight champion before you so willing to wear you out, one of the important thing to do is see his moves. Think of how his punches have come, his foot works and weak point, a place you can hit him for the greatest effect. Observe that challenge now, analyze it and look for where you can have that break.

Proceed: The worst game I have watched in the history of boxing was when a boxer bit the ear of his opponent because he couldn’t handle him. One would think he should have run instead of disgracing himself. But it is hard for any boxer to run or cry he is not fighting again. You don’t need to quit too, in fact you can’t give up. With the help of the above, go ahead and take charge,do all you need to for victory. Plan with all you have thought of and observed, use your wit and win the prize.

“You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” -Beverly Sills

Be inspired, Be more………….

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