You are Different so Make The Difference

A question I have asked myself several times is how different I really am and how I can make a-difference with it. This was particularly so because I realized that in all works of life, the word different keep showing up. You will better appreciate the word when you link it to the occurrence called ‘change’ that has been said to be constant. When there is a change, there will be a need for survival and only the different can make the difference in such scenario.

Change, when it occurs raises the bar of expectation. In those days, you would be respected if you had a donkey to move about, especially when all your movements, transactions and relations are within defined limits of your community. The trend has changed, what we have now is called global village, an intercontinental existence. The pace of change is fast and the best way to keep up with contacts, businesses and friends is through the existing inventions. With telephone you can communicate across countries, through email your messages get delivered to recipients. Video call helps with communication and with the air plane, the world as a destination is within reach. These inventions are by people who believe they are different and want to make a difference in the changing world and they have indeed done that.

When you make a difference, it means you have done something no one had ever done which will make life better. When you make a difference, it means you stand out, like the gem amongst stones you stand tall.

You are created not just to be different but also to be a difference – Bishop Oyedepo

This statement confirms everyone is created to be different and special, how you use it however sums what makes the difference.

Areas of life that needs a touch of difference includes

Your life – Your work – Your relationship – Your religion – Your society – Your family – Your assignment

How different are you to be different

 Ownership and accountability– When you accept responsibilities in a world where people pass blame, you are different already, and then you can be the difference.

Acquired knowledge and skills– You only give what you have and you have by acquisition. Solution to challenges are encrypted in various forms; rigorous search will place it in your hands.

Purpose– From creation you exist for a purpose which will differentiate you from every one. Your assignment in life will drive you to act and the actions you take in line with your purpose is where the difference is.

Character– In the book talent is not enough, you will learn that to make an impact isn’t just about the volume of talent you have but your character have a huge role to play. Determination, focus, commitment, all have parts to play in the world of affecting lives.

These and other things will make you a different person from the next man but are you willing to use it all differently? Think about it.

Be inspired, Be more……


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