Live Again

It’s difficult to assume place of one who encourages someone who had been molested one way or the other. Strings of distrust and doubt cocoons feeling exhibited most of the time due to fear of being exposed, stigmatized and at the end a laugh at in the society if the truth got out. I would equally be lying if I write that I know how it feels or what you went through. Series of shared experiences have made me conclude I may never know what it feels to suffer such cruelty. I can’t know about the series of wishes that feeds through your mind, the many emotionally said ‘had I know’ and your secrete tears. I can’t know how it challenged your logic for existing to the extent that all you want to do is run and hide behind the comfort of wishes. You try to exude the strength you have always heard accompanies women during child-birth and you hear yourself giving a self driven admonition that you can scale through. But memories keep streaming back. The brief mental shorts of the incident loom, almost blinding out your reasoning. It breaks you down, again and again. Friends talk about your kind of ordeal as common on tabloids at the moment though unaware of your incidence and you felt they knew, oh!  How you wish the grounds would accommodate you. It’s true I can never know how it feels throughout the long period of recuperating that you have to exert strength to love your body again because to you, your body doesn’t belong to you anymore.

But I understand one thing, and that is that you need to live again. If there is anything you deserve more at this point is the determination to live one more time. Evil that men do are like stars in the sky. They lock around for prey as the day winds out. So if evil expresses as it suits, why not an angel like you? You can’t continue to keep running from yourself. Your life needs you again. I pray these delivers enough reason to live

1)      What is taken from you is what you have given; no one has what you didn’t give. They may have had their way but not your dignity. Not your sense of worth and belief. It  does not matter what went wrong that day, what matter now is how you still see yourself. The value God place in you remains your strength except you refuse it. You need to live again for this valuable self-worth to show in you. Say to yourself I am still me, nothing was taken from me. I am still the pride of my family, the future of my generation. You are a jewel, the most precious of all kind. Your type is rare and uncommon. The values in you are countless, no scale can measure your worth but until you live again, it may all perish.

2)      You need to live again because you are a virtue of recompense and voice of the voiceless. You are the gift from God to many women, the inspiration they need to move on. Your experiences have placed you on the advantaged and you are the high hopes of the downcast. You have paid a price for many, if you fail to live again; the price would have been in vain. You have a calling to save and wipe tears. Many out there have such fate awaits them. A little advice from you, little warning here and there will go a long way redirecting or destroying such possibilities. You see, that little girl who felt her uncle loves her, that gentle woman who didn’t know her trip to her boyfriend’s house is a setup, that school girl who, due to late practice would fall into the hands of men and that poor loving little girl who is about to lost herself to incest all need you. They are all waiting for you to reach out to them, to advise them.

3)      There are terrible men out there, hoping to have won the battle. Several other maniacs are still being groomed. A stand tall fight from you will give some of them a run. With your determination and effort, such inhuman act can be addressed and culprit apprehended. But if you choose to allow it all define the bearing of your existence, you have giving in to men’s threat. You have to live again to win the war; several NGO’s need you to fight this war. Your suggestion and opinion will go a long way in fighting this crime to the least.

4)      You need to live because you are destined for a purpose in life from birth. You are not a biological mistake, that you went through life ordeal doesn’t make you less worthy of your God giving task. It’s when you refuse to live your life and pursue your purpose that God may be displeased. As an individual, you are divinely created for a specific purpose. A particular loophole ravages the earth and God has assigned you to fill the vacuüm. You probably have a gift you want to give up due to your experience. Suddenly nothing makes sense to you, all you just want to do is abandon your dream of making impact in the society. After all you think the society couldn’t even protect you. But I tell you today, whatever your mission is on earth is a directive from your creator whom you will be answerable to not the society. You are a special gift to this world. That very talent is peculiar to you and no other person can proffer your kind of solution. So don’t give up on life yet, live again and fulfill you part. Million of people are waiting the day when you will honor them with your solutions to make their lives worth living. You probably know how to sing, dance, write, construct-don’t let it all die in you.

5)      Live again for your love ones. Do you realize there are people whose commitment to you has directly or indirectly synchronized their existence to your comfort, peace and happiness. The moment you choose to allow your experience dictates your mood; their lively existence has been equally challenged. What I am saying is, there are host of people whose happiness is defined by your smile, people whose heart beat is conditioned by your joy. If you think you have no other reason to live, this people are placing before you their life worth as the reason to consider living again. Your siblings, friends, spouse, colleagues need you to be happy again.

To live again is to be happy again, lively and active. If you don’t allow the past to pass, you will stay in the past. The past is only relevant to the extent you allow it to teach, correct and direct your next steps. When it’s used beyond these three areas, it has over stayed its welcome, taking undue advantage of the situation. The past can do no other thing but give you experience to face posterity, wit to manoeuvre your way and intelligence to blend with the future unhurt. The past can never be the future, can only guide your way into it. Whenever your past appears like the air you breathe, it’s a sham. The past has a limit, and you are only permitted, in good fate, to look in the box that has it for useable experience to help in your decision-making. When the past is telling you that you are friends for life, it’s the devil cloaked in its comfort. Remember, behold old things are passed away. All things have become new. So challenge the challenger of your wit. We are all missing you. We can’t wait to see you smile like before; we missed your chats, hanging around and expeditions. Please live again. God bless.

Be inspired, Be more……


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