If You Do Not Solve Problems

I was on my twitter account yesterday when I saw a quote from Dr Mike Murdock which says,

Dr. Mike Murdock @drmikemurdock……………If You Do Not Solve Problems… ..You Are The Problem.

problem solving tools

 It is no news there are problems everywhere and it won’t pass for breaking news to hear some persons are working hard every day to put an end to these challenges. But I believe it will be a big deal if as people, you wake up every day without thinking of contributing to the effort channeled at solving these many challenges. It is everywhere, humans are challenged everyday. Every step of the way, the society needs creative attention from everyone. But then, it takes a sense of responsibility to understand there is a problem and determination to make the change happen. From the faulty tap in your house, to the faulty street light that needs the authorities’ attention in the neighborhood, to the looming challenges at your place of work, to Governments Mal-administration, bad leadership to mention a few.

solving problem loop

If you fail to be part of the people trying to solve problems in your world, then you may as well pass for a problem yourself.

Pick a task today to work on and don’t sit on the fence.

Be a problem solver and not ‘The’ problem.

stop think and solve









Be inspired, be more……………..








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