Building Your Empire from Within

positve thinkinAs a kid, my successful neighbor made me realize success was possible if I worked ceaselessly, and with determination I could have the kind of success that won’t attract a jail term. He told me it is normal to want to be successful, that even a little child knows when his parents spend more on him than when they had to manage. The Oxford Dictionary shares its view on success to be the fact that you have achieved something that you want and have been trying to do or get. Beside other definition that says success is financial accumulation and/or attainment of high social status, this definition brings home the fact that success is about setting goals and achieving goals.

Success is the product of an acquired and shared value. Almost every successful individual today have a way of adding value to human life. The world is developing. People are looking for a better way of doing things. Whenever there is a situation called problem, then and there will be a twin situation called opportunity. Unfortunately, only those who know problem can relate to its twin situation (opportunity). As long as you can add value to human existence, success is inevitable.

Successful people are empire builders. Irrespective of what you do to solve human challenges, your ability to solve it is your empire. You rule over your innovations and ideas that add values to life. You have control over what initiates a better way of solving human challenges in order to effect change.

Usually, success is attached to innovation or creativity. Innovators have just one thing in mind, to change the world around them. However, it has been proven that you can’t change your world if you can’t change yourself. The world can’t benefit from your abilities if you don’t see the change happening first within you. The foundation of your empire must be erected in your mind. Believe in your dreams before people can believe with you. Every building starts as an idea in architecture format. No matter how high a skyscraper is, the idea was first formulated in the mind. What is your empire going to be known for? Work out every angle to your idea from within. Make your aspirations real and let your mind capture the authenticity of your dreams. Why most people fail is because their mind is too weak to make real their empire. Let me take you through five steps to train your mind to build your desired empire first from within.

empire from mind

KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. The mind as a cognitive faculty only understands and acts upon what it is fed. The more you are convinced about what you want, the more the mind executes it within as a realistic proposition. What would you want to name your empire, the size, the location, staff strength, startup capital, the vision and mission etc?

DESIRE WHAT YOU WANT. The fact that you know what you want does not guarantee your desires for it. When you have the knowledge of what you want, engage the spirit of persuasion and go for it; inculcate the mindset of a ‘go getter’ to make it real.  Genuinely desire to add value with your empire and it will add value to you in return.

NEVER THINK OR SAY YOU CAN’T. The moment you suggest to your mind that you can’t achieve your desired empire, your mind transmits the message. Napoleon Hills in his book Think and Grow Rich explains the concept of auto-suggestion. He wrote that ‘Auto-suggestion is the agency of control through which an individual may voluntarily feed his subconscious mind on thoughts of a creative nature, or by neglect, permit thoughts of a destructive nature to find their way into this rich garden of mind’. Whatever feelings, believes or convictions you suggest to your mind, irrespective of whether it is destructive or productive, is what the mind will act on. The more you genuinely say ‘Yes I can’, the more your mind process the fact that ‘Yes you can’.

EXERCISE YOUR MIND TO WORK OUT WHAT YOU WANT. Think about your dreams day and night. Write it out and read it to yourself when you are about to start the day’s work and when you are resigning for the day. The more you do this, the more realistic and possible your dream/empire becomes.

ENGAGE YOUR MIND WITH ACCURATE KNOWLEDGE ON WHAT YOU WANT. Develop your mind, research on what you want to do to add value to your world. Do you want to go into business, production or render services? Whatever your calling is, get in contact with people who are in it. Ask questions, read books, learn more, go for training or go back to class. You need to develop and equip your mind more with the knowledge of what you intend to venture into. This will engender the reality of your dreams/empire

Building your empire first from within will give you a purposeful drive towards its reality. It will make you draw the plan for execution. With an inner conviction comes the will power to pursue success. Keep succeeding in your empire. the more you believe in your empire, the more you attract it.

Be inspired, be more……………

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