Jesus is Alive

Mary Magdalene, early she rose

‘The sepulchre, o I think am close’

‘The stone, how could it have rolled?’

Christ taken, she looked above

Inside she probed to know

Perplexed she looked as cold

Face bowed before her host

The news of life was told

That Christ is now enthroned

Thinking, She ran, she pants

Breathing, on road, she flies

To peter she shed the light

In haste he moved to sight

To see himself the news of rise

Ah! Peter exclaimed in fright

Its true the news of flight

The word has come to pass

Son of God fulfilled his part

O sing praise to the Lord

For He liveth, yet was dead for us;

To take away our sin and lust

Forever alive in God

The key to hell and death above

O! The First, the Last- the slain for power

The Son, the Word- the Prince of earth

His eyes in flame of fire

His feet like unto fine brass

His voice as sound of waters

He lives, well in heart survived

So weep not o ye believers

The lion of the tribe of Judah has delivered;

Root of David has prevailed over Lucifer

The throne is home our hope our pride

Christ forever is alive unto believers



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