SONG FROM THE DAY AFTER(Happy Independence)


The day after

Ushering in echoes of heroic strive

With voices of identity birthing ‘The Pact’

Unto patrons our freedom considered

Into league of faithful was independence delivered


This freedom, a mirage so challenged,

By menace of barrels threatening revenge

In tears ‘n’ fear the dividing river extended


But we survived together by single flame of determination

To the sound of vision the awakening realization

The homely passion of unity dislodging secession

No victor, no vanquished the rendition

Heralding new dawn of age long aspiration


With smiles unfolding days towards self discovery

In purity of heart this liberation our heritage

Forever a memorable union of great people


Nourished by the tolerance fluid across the many tribes

The ripple effect of brotherhood revamping the weakling giant

Rising from the stem of doom to branches of height

Springing forth like a bud from the spring long plant

Nigeria at fifty three

The giant; still inspiring leader in the land



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