Like every beautiful one

A glorious day welcomed me to world

Amidst happiness mother sighs with joy

With family return celebrations of love


With same love grew I even in strength

Like a rock brew I in health

Intelligence and hope became my flair

Undoubtedly cruised I beautifully and fresh


But devil in man’s skin suddenly emerged

Pervasively paraded himself a friend

With love untold, my arms wide to receive

Unknown he planned a trip for me to hell


He touched me, bruised me, molested me

Defiled me, disgraced me, repressed me

Tears trickled down all sides to cheek

In pool I crawled, in search of where to lean


All went dark


The days of sorrow began its count

Became pregnant with thoughts and recounts

Every step turns pain draining my days

Each minute sinking me in ocean of plague


But I can’t continue like this



Can’t continue watching my life out of me

Can’t watch my life drift off with ease

Seeing every idea fly off with breeze

Watching childhood dreams fade out like wind


But then, it feels irreplaceable

Foundation of this trauma seems untraceable

To remain a woman again feels unimaginable

To regain my strength seems unthinkable


But I say no, not without a fight


Not without an effort to live again

My life lies before my face

To find the bearing of grace

Even purpose and dream awaits my faith


To give up is an alternative I resolutely ignore

To accept your dictates is not my option

I stand unshakable, I deny you the pleasure

I am unbreakable with the mind of a warrior


Yes! Am going to live again


To bring my brilliance to many as gain

To tell of my ordeal and bring many to save

World awaits my freedom from your constraints

Will live, live till my life manifest conquest

I will live, live!

Because battle is lost only when I concede

Live because wars are won only by defiant

For nothing is lost,

Only living awaits my consent


I will live and live to live!

Because nothing was taken, unless I give in

Will be mindful of what surrounds my fate

Will concentrate on what I command

And be unshakable by other demands


Once more I will allow my rose to emerge

Give the eaglet in me the chance to soar

Will make up the leeway and stand my ground

And in all ways, I choose to live my life






This poem is to give hope to any woman that has ever been molested one way or the other. You can live again, please live.

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