How to Identify your assignment

Hi there, thank you for opening this blog once again. Must tell you I am honored and glad to have you hang out with me. Let me start here by telling you a funny story I heard.

There was an old country farmer who took his nephew camping for the first time. His nephew had five degrees and was said to be one of the smartest on earth. They set up their tent and quickly went to sleep. In the middle of the night the farmer woke his nephew and asked what he could see. His nephew said ‘I see millions of stars’, then the farmer said ‘I know that but what does it tell you?’ he replied ‘Astronomically it tells me there are billions of galaxy, Meteorologically, it tells me it is going to be a beautiful day and Theologically, it tells me God is a beautiful creator.’ He then asked the farmer ‘what does it tell you?’ The old farmer shook his head and said, ‘it tells me somebody stole our tent.’

Just to start on a funny note there. Welcome once again, today I will continue from where I stopped on identifying the assignment you are designed for. In the first part, I discussed the benefits in operating in God’s plan. This time, we shall be looking at how to find your assignment. I will start by asking you to imagine a situation where people are to talk about you, especially when you are not there. What would you want to hear them say about you, a good thing or a bad thing? If it is a good thing which I most definitely think it would be, in what area would they say you were good? Have you ever tried to understand your relevance in life or how you are meant to be useful to humanity executing your assignment? You may not have thought yourself to be useful, not because you don’t have a purpose, but maybe because you have not taken time to know what you are designed for. Maybe you do know but you do not believe in it. Truth is, you are unique to God, special and one of a kind. God created you with your own remarkable personality, talents and looks. You need to see yourself exactly the way He sees you.

What you are designed for is the assignment that prompts you to embark on a journey. If you think your assignment is to help people look good, it may prompt you to choose a career path either as a fashion designer or hair stylist depending on the gift God has given you. Until purpose is discovered, existence will have no meaning. Until you define your reason for living, every reason may look like it. When you discover what you are designed for, you will uncover where you need to be. How do you then know the reason for your existence? I will be looking at two ways; by asking God and through self-discovery.


A wise saying has it that to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing but the creator. A manufacturer of a product can give useful and accurate information about the usefulness of the product than the retailer or a manual. It will do you a lot of good to personally ask from God the purpose to which He created you. You need to go down on your knees and ask God, be sure to receive answer. The bible says ye have not because you ask not. It is important to ask God why He created you; He alone has the answer to your purpose. After creation, He placed Adam on other things to manage. There are the ‘other things’ you are created to manage, things you are created to resolve, things no one can do except you. Why not ask God and take full responsibility.


At every point in human life, there is one thing untapped to be discovered. Imagine the world blessed with various kinds of resources, different climes with different endowment, either in the earth or on it. God that created the earth with these benefits couldn’t have created you, as precious as you are, without an advantage. You need to discover your strength. In the economic phase of the world it is called comparative advantage; what a country have or can do better than other countries which will give her certain edge. You have an advantage; you have a strength that will always place you above others. But until you discover this strength, you may exist in the shadow of other people’s dream, under another mans life. The following therefore explains how to discover your assignment.

  • You begin from observation to discovery, from self-examination to revelation. You begin by asking yourself the things you have flair for as a natural person which is different from formal education. Education is a basic entitlement which couldn’t be assumed as the foundation for your destiny. There are many people who didn’t use what they studied in school to earn a living. There are things that look ordinary to you, but it is the same God has put in you as a purpose. Though these things look insignificant but excite you naturally, they may be what you need. Observe yourself; look at yourself for these things which are called talents or natural endowments. You may need to go as far back as your childhood, what is that thing you liked? That could be where your assignment lies. Some people who never went to school of music are high up singing with ease where others sing and people won’t buy even if it’s a free disc. When you discover your assignment the door can’t be short against you, never against assignment. When your natural flair (talent) is developed, it grows into a gift. Bible says the gift of a man make room for him. Often, it’s the development of your talent that becomes a gift; what you do with ease, without stress. There are things you do and you will know you are struggling, others you do with ease. God is not a time waster and won’t allow you years before you grow in your gift.  when you use the gift,  it becomes a calling.  Calling comes from God without cognizance to your personal ability. Some people are just good at arranging, others at administering, decorating or making things presentable. Locating or discovery a purpose is not for lazy people. No one can help you like you can help yourself. Accept personal responsibility, do your part, find your purpose and live the rest to God. Do you like caring for people? That might just be where God wants you to be.
  • You may discover your assignment from what friends and family say about your abilities in certain area. If people have complimented you over certain ability, check that could be a pointer to your assignment. I have a cousin who started drawing from a very tender age. At that age, still in his early teens, he could draw anyone and anything without a formal training in fine art. We all liked it and told him that is where God wants him to run. Now he is honing his gifts by studying fine art. What had friend told you? What had family or your partner told you? They might just be right about it.
  • Some things happen to you to equip you for your assignment. There are situations you might have met that seemed like the world was against you. Do you feel sad about it; does it feel like something must be done about such occurrence? You may just be the one to start a strong voice against it. We hear of pastors who were initially thieves. Their repentance further strengthens them to preach and work against such acts. If there is anything on going now that you detest, either because you have experienced it before or you know someone who have, you may just want to check if it is the area God need you to work on. Joyce Meyer said “I was sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused by my father as far back as I can remember until I left home at the age of eighteen” today we all know how she has so grown working for God.
  • Another way you can find your purpose in life is by defining your ideal situation. On certain situation, what do you think is proper, which is the proper way you think certain things should be executed? What are your take on child abuse, what do you think should be the ideal way on this topic. On education, do you have something more promising to sell out to the world? Marriage and parenthood, what’s your take? There are topics and situation in the world today that needs urgent voice; do you think you can add yours to it?

It is a new beginning, look inwards and discover your strength. Leverage on your innate ability and emerge the best in your field. Until next time, keep uncovering your gifts.

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