I believe when a woman is trained, there is the likelihood more than one person has been trained. Except in rare situations, women make out more time for children. The children also tend to relate closely to their mother than the father. This implies if a woman has the right training, she passes such down to the children who in turn spread such knowledge to their own children.

Every woman is beautiful. On this, you may need to understand how God created man to see the beauty in women. Man was beautifully created to look like God and everything God created is good. I however understand women came out of the bone and flesh of man; this makes her carry the same grace. Since man was beautifully created; the woman who emerges from this beautiful creation can’t be any other thing but beauty.

Women are the precious gift of God to man, that’s why God asked man to love her as Christ love the church. If you understand the unconditional love of Christ for the church, you will understand the kind of love women deserve. The question then won’t be if they deserve it but why they deserve it. It is simple, because they are precious as the church is precious to Christ. If they are not precious, God won’t ask man to treat her with care, love, affection and with a heart of sacrifice for her to live.

When a man finds the right woman, he stands to get favor. Spiritually and socially, women are well able to help men to the top. In the book Think and Grow rich, Napoleon Hills, in his research realized all the rich men analyzed for the book have one thing in common, a good woman who supported, as well as prayed over their course. All it takes is to find your own flesh of flesh and you find a partner.

You may have other positive opinion about women; please share the knowledge with us.

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