During the weekend, precisely on the 31t of august 2013, for reasons best known to the script writer and actors of the movie ‘The Splits’, the PDP became blessed with a new side, a side the Oxford dictionary may be quick to term ‘Alter-ego’. It therefore means, if the old PDP moves to the right; expect the new PDP ‘Alter-ego’ to go left. Which was why in what was supposed to be a convention to keep the party awake to the battle ahead and put the stakes directly in the faces of every member, turned out to be a stage to choose side. From what ought to be a story of a party convention, retention and progression to a story of the party split, sleep and visit. Although, what we do not know is which came first and what caused what, we don’t know if the split caused the sleep or sleep caused the split. But undoubtedly, whichever came first or not obviously engender a visit from Ota Farm to Aso on the Rock.

This is a tale of one big party, two factions and many other fractions. We will explain. It was in the news that during a convention to further strengthen the alliance as well as allegiance within the biggest political party in the country, some members chose that same occasion to express their right to ‘Extension’. This means that although the party is big enough to accommodate, it is also wide enough for members to spread their tentacles. The faction should not therefore be seen as a division, instead, should be seen as forward driven idea by members to spread the party tentacles to accommodate more members. Probably because they have analysed a high influx of new members who would want to get their own share of national cake through the party come 2015.

Considering the requirements and logistics of this ‘Extension’, it shows ‘The splits’ wasn’t planned in a day. Invariably someone has been sleeping on duty to have missed the tell-tale signs of the impending split way before the final sleep that broke the camel’s back. What easily come to mind is the visit to Rivers State by four of the Governors in the splinter group-Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso of Kano, Sule Lamido of Jigawa, Murtala Nyako of Adamawa and Muazu Babangida Aliyu of Niger. This visit I remember was reported to have been described as political drama by the presidential spokesperson Doyin Okupe.  Indeed Dr, it is a political drama as it all turns, happy viewing.

A critical look at the scenario that played out at the convention where a faction opted out of the ruling party reveals an historical play back. On June 9 2006, reports had it that a group led by Solomon Lar tried to bail out on the party. Seven years after, someone pressed the playback button, only that this time around; it is the former vice president Atiku Abubakar and seven state governors that have converted the sleepiness in the presidency to sleeplessness. No doubt that the sleep and split engenders the visit of the former President Olusegun Obasanjo (Baba o) to Aso on the Rock in Abuja. From a non-existing source, we learn the visit was for political impartation, the laying of hand on the President to receive political knowledge and inspiration on how to deal decisively with members of the splinter group. I imagine Baba o tell the President “O boy, it is not an easy something o. You just got to do what you got to do if you don’t want the nation to dey laugh oooo.” After the 2006 attempted split, it was covered that the Solomon Lar faction proceeded to open a new secretariat and Baba o himself didn’t waste time deploying security agents to forcefully seal the parallel secretariat. Reading the information by a source to our own source over the intention of the presidency to unleash the EFCC koboko on the members of the splinter group, we sure can guess, if not authoritatively that this decision couldn’t have come from within the Aso on the Rock,  we probably may need to look towards the farm for its source.

On this note, since we are still waiting for the other parts of the movie ‘The splits’, we can only say watch out on this blog for more Box office informate.

I am Adesola



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