Your design, your assignment (Locating Gods purpose)

Immediately I finished my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), I attended a leadership program. This I did for two reasons. I didn’t want to stay at home much and then because I felt I needed some sort of training to formally introduce me to the labor world. In the cause of the program, I didn’t just learn about how difficult it could be to get a job in Nigeria; I learn also about how difficult it is to get a worthy employment. This is the general picture in the minds of average youth in Nigeria, a mindset that affects any forward thinking effort. A good thing about the program however is that it exposed the fact that Nigeria is a country that push the best out of any man and speaking of the best, Nigeria is one of the few countries a man can succeed in. It is a developing country where everything is likely going to work. As a developing country, any positive introduction would be seen as an addition to the developmental project. It is then going to be about who is smart enough to lunch certain idea. The market is another advantage to every investor in this country, the over 160million citizen will offer a required market for any thriving idea.

Ideas that thrive are the reflection of God’s gifts in a man. It takes a man who recognizes the gift of God, his purpose or calling to take full advantage of it. For you to take advantage of your environment, you need to present value added ideas, and for the ideas to work for you, it has to be around your purpose.  For you to shine, you must run in the assignment God has designed you for. No matter your age, color or sex, you are designed for a purpose and God has an assignment for you on earth. There is no product that doesn’t have a problem it is created to tackle. This same way, you have been created to tackle a problem. That problem you are meant to tackle is your assignment. What God design you for is what He assigns you to.

Bishop Abioye said, ‘it is your assignment that determines your attainment. Great people don’t pray to go up; they only climb up by virtue of their assignment. Without assignment, there cannot be attainment.’ How high you move in life is a function of what you do. Every attainment is a function of discovered assignment which brings you honor, riches, glory, defense, safety and covering.  Position wont find you attainment, neither will your crave for it do. People are created for different purpose, some people are designed not to be a business owner but administrator and they will be so great being one. There are things you can do better than everyone else even when you didn’t  learn it. These things just come natural to you. When you are deeply rooted in these things and you acquire more knowledge to enhance that same thing, with great diligence and consistency, the sky is just the runway for you.

It is easy for a padlock to lock any gate than a twisted iron. It is also easy for a hair clipper to cut hair of any style and shape with great precision than a blade or scissors. This is because that is what these two objects are designed for. It doesn’t mean the twisted iron won’t lock the gate, but not as easily and safely as a padlock would. Doesn’t also mean a blade won’t cut hair, but like you must have noticed, it would with great limitation to just one or at most two hair styles. Also, if you haven’t located your assignment, it doesn’t mean you won’t be operating in something, you may but your efficacy and success in it will take more than is required of you if at all you didn’t fail.

Why is it important for you to locate and operate in the assignment you are designed for?

  • Divine agreement:  The bible makes us realize God formed you before you were even created in the womb. For ‘formed you’ doesn’t mean the physical presence or appearance alone, it’s talking about the holistic creation; life, future, responsibilities, attainment and everything that concerns you. That is why he told Jeremiah that he formed him and made him a prophet. When you find and run in your assignment, you have agreed with God to be who He wants you to be. This is a very important aspect of a man’s journey in life, to agree with God over everything.
  • Divine attainment: Again, locating your assignment determines and ensures your attainment in life-like I have previously quoted Bishop Abioye. When you do what you are purposed for, it takes you up the ladder.  People who do what they are purpose for do things right and add value, thus they enjoy patronage and recommendation, a sort of propeller that take them up the ladder unconsciously.
  • Speed: This is very important to what a man is doing or wants to do. There is time for everything as seen in the bible. It becomes imperative to do what is expected when it is expected. But if you haven’t located your purpose, you would realize you have worked so hard, walked so far without a corresponding achievement to show.
  • Control: When you run in your assignment, one thing you will be is in control. Have you ever found yourself do so much for so long yet you can’t explain why you are there, what you have achieved or even explain what you are doing. It is not common in this part of the world to do a job you like or have flair for. But in your assignment, you know what it takes and have what it takes. You control what you give and what you receive. No one can deceive you, no matter what.
  •  Confidence: This is very important for every high flier. The product knowledge as well as what it can do causes organization to make certain promises confidently, while others deliver service in same frame of mind. Knowing your assignment will help your confidence, will make you walk an unbelievable walk. When it seems impossible, because you know your worth, you think and say it is possible.
  •  Believe: I was once informed people won’t care about your ideas, but they will care about the empire the idea will build. They can’t hear what you hear, nor see what you see, but will come to term with your dreams when it all materialized. But because you have seen it, you believe and will pursue it.

Next time, I will be talking on how to know your assignment. There are things that will show you to your assignment, most time we ignore it. After the topic, you sure will know these pointers.



One response to “Your design, your assignment (Locating Gods purpose)

  1. Awesome,ideas dat thrive really reflection of God’s gift. Nice one..looking forward τ̅☺ nextime-much 2 learn!!!

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