vision2The first part of this writes up talked about what it means to have a dream. It also talked about the emotional and mental connection to a dream and how it can transmute into a desired life and success other people can relate to and see. Follow the link and read the piece  . In this second part, I am looking at what it means if you accept any kind of pursuit in place of the God ordained. The truth is, not all pursuits are dreams or plan of God for you. Some pursuits are sheer nightmare camouflaged in dreams. One day, as I was thinking about the effect of being wrongly placed in life, I realized it has a direct resemblance to what i can call a nightmare. The truth remains, it is one thing to know within you how badly you want to succeed; it is another thing to find what area you can make the best use of your God-given gift to succeed beyond human understanding. There is a connection between God’s gift for you and the dream you have. It pays to dream in line with who God has created you to become. When you do, things get easily achieved. If you then dream outside the provisions of God for your uplifting, you may eventually realize what you are pursuing is a nightmare; a condition in life that always amount to a misplaced priority with its attendant effects.

The dreams you pursue will amount to a nightmare if you are not in your destined world of existence. Literally, the meaning of a nightmare puts it as a dream that is very frightening or unpleasant. This means that if you are in pursuit of a wrong calling, although you would still have it as a supposed dream, it would be such that frightens you at the end. Whatever passion you are pursuing, if it is not Gods plan and mission for your life, it will frustrate you, get you nowhere and out rightly disturb your existence. This explains why some people who identify with their God-given gift may excel within six months while others, even after about six years, still have nothing to show for what they claim to be their dream. Let’s look at this; an idea known to be a God-given dream or pursuit can turn into a nightmare for two reasons if you are not careful

First, if it was never an idea from God in the first instance. People are mostly led into making a choice of living by things they see, hear or feel, especially when someone they know carves a niche from that particular area of existence. Joyce Meyer’s husband talked about personal gift during a broadcast I saw on Television. He said he was angry when God revealed his wife to be a teacher. Basically because he thinks as the man of the house, the grace should have been his. But two weeks after, he got over it because God showed to him that to each one according to his ability and everyone with his own gift and capacity. Secondly, although you caught Gods purpose for your life, although you are convinced about your calling so much it intoxicate you when you think about it, if you don’t do it the God way, it may eventually turn into a nightmare. This is because with God’s gift, there are patterns, timing, and principles to mention a few you must follow and the bible makes us realize Gods way is different from man’s way. God may want you to take a narrow path while your own human brain preaches the broad way. God may want you to miss a meeting for the purpose of the grace he is bringing your way while your own human brain may start thinking the meeting would result to the discovery you have looked for.

How do you then know if your pursuit is a nightmare and not a dream?

1)      Frustration: Your pursuit is a nightmare if all it does is frustrate you, if every waking of the day there is one or two things to complain about. A gift from God doesn’t frustrate, it only liberate. Every journey on Gods directive lives a smile on human face.

2)      Fear: The first thing you would feel in your divinely arranged pursuit is the peace of mind. God’s arrangement offers peace even before its entire phase gets unfolded. If you dread that what you do may not work, or if the happening around your pursuit makes you doubt its viability, watch it, you might have pursued a nightmare.

3)      Time wasting: There is always something suiting about a good dream, even though it has not manifest to the fullest, bits and bit of it will still point you are on the right track. Certain thing will begin to be in place that will tell that you are after your God-given dream. But a misplaced pursuit is a time waster. Although you keep at it, more focused and determined, there may be nothing to show for it.

4)      Confusion: If you have ever had a nightmare, you can attest to how confusing it could be sometimes. Pursuit of a wrong calling will equally amount to confusion. Ever heard someone tell you they don’t understand.  They would claim to have done everything they know how to do, yet they can’t explain why nothing has ever worked.

5)      Inconclusiveness:  There is hardly a way you can end a frustrating, scary and time-wasting episode of a nightmare. In between, somehow, you mostly find yourself scream out to life. After years of wrong pursuit, you may find yourself opting out of one pursuit into another pursuit. Reason is you were never at anytime pursuing a God-given dream.

The above listed points are both the attributes/definition of a nightmare and the direct opposite to a God-given dream. When it is not a dream from the throne of grace, it can never be nothing more than a nightmare. It is important for you to be mindful of what you are investing you time and efforts on. Before you do it, ask from your creator if it is what He wants you to do, or who He wants you to be.

For proper understanding, dreams, divine pursuits and gifts were used to mean the same. Next time, I shall be talking about how to know your dream or if the pursuit is from God. That is, how do you find the gift of God for your life so that you won’t end up pursuing a nightmare?


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