vision manI was one of the invited guests to 1600, Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20500 by the American president. I was invited to do a presentation on Africa’s political-economic development and the impact on globalization: harnessing Nigeria’s comparative advantage (intellectual and material capacity). The night I was to deliver it, I inexplicably found myself sitting as a delegate in a conference at the UN building where Ban Ki moon was delivering the opening speech on ‘peace, war and way forward’, making a case out of Iceland and Syria. In the middle of it all, I suddenly found myself again on the pulpit, dishing out the word. Then I….. Okay don’t mind me, it was a dream I had last night. It is like the twelfth episode in my dream series. And you know how dreams are, funny and muddled up sometimes.

But note something, as much as these events and places occurred in my dream land, they stem from my subconscious mind, owing to my desires for greatness. They were conditioned by my cravings for fame and strive, mixed with emotion and determination to leave my footprint in the sand of time, and to make impact in my world. But then, this is not the kind of dream I am asking you about.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, in his success power telecast, said, ‘Tomorrow is created today. Today was created yesterday, all in people’s mind.’  The word ‘created’ in the sentences isn’t talking about the God kind of creation, (because if you put your head in that one, you will go bald straight). It means shaping who and what you become tomorrow by determining what you do about it today. The reason why people find themselves in places they don’t want is because they have no dream or clear definition of where they ought to be, either now or in future. However, life being a poker, tosses them anywhere and anyhow- in prison, as a slave or as a street boy. After all we all must belong somewhere sooner or later.

Another undoing is that people mistake wishes for dreams. Trust me, beggars would ride hummerH3 if wishes were four wheel drive. A lazy man would fly first class across continent if wishes had wings. Only a day time dream can take you off the dream land to the promise land, wishes can only land you in Ota farm. Dream makes you say ‘Yes I do’, not only when you are getting wedded, but also, whenever you are being challenged about your knowledge of your person in life. Your dream should define your person and ambition. Your dream should encompass a set of defined objectives, weighing ton that scares even you the dreamer. There is no dream in wanting to become another person; it’s just another fantasy land expedition. It is called replication, or like we did call it in primary school, a copy cat.

According to Pastor Sam Adeyemi, ‘You must get a dream from God- a big dream. The dreams of today are the realities of tomorrow. The dreams that some dared to dream yesterday are the realities of today.’ He was saying the reality of flying planes, lighting bulbs, space ships, sky scrapers, chain of connected stores, vehicles etc were all mere, but big and strong dreams at some point. Likes of Edison, Wright brothers to mention a few, had dreams with a vision and mindset of its beauty. They believed in it, understood and pursued it. Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ If what you see in your dream is like an old 1969 Volkswagen, with a perforated, smoke emitting exhaust pipe, I would suggest you abandon it somewhere, it won’t take you far.

visionYour dream should challenge status quo; it should redefine existence and exalt humanity. There may be someone already making waves in your area of expertise, desire to do more and exceptionally so, with uniqueness and purpose. Do not subject your dream to the dark hours alone. In the day, embark on a transformation mission for a transfigured future.

You sometimes think nothing work around you. Thus, your vision becomes impaired. You probably always think of how before you think of what. For instance, ‘how will I achieve this feet?’ before you even think of ‘what can I do that will give me an edge.’ Dreamers think about two major things. When-( they assume they do not have the required time) they consider the limited time they have to make impact, so they don’t see themselves making any and secondly, How(the degree of their dream and their limited ability to ever make anything happen). They become doubtful of  how impactful their dream would be? Would it solve problems in a better way? Would it make life meaningful and interesting to live?

So I ask again, do you have a dream? Next time, I will be talking about what nightmare is and some notable differences between a dream and a nightmare. When you have a dream (idea or calling), how do you know it’s a calling and not a nightmare (a time waster).



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