I am an Honorable warrior from the constituency of people who are too biased to go to the gym and buy some muscles and biceps. Most of us in the arena are not even as big as we have made you people believe, you are just too blind to see there is really no  flesh under the ubiquitous Agbada/Babanringa or Bubu we are mostly garbed in. Our suits are padded, from collar to hem; you think it’s for fashion? No, it is for cover up. In my opinion, you people are just too ignorant and politically parochial. You chose to be less concerned about our ability or inability to withstand political wild wind or look evil in the eyes when unleashed, especially when we are doing the public bidding instead of working for the so called ‘elites’. You people are all so withdrawn to be bothered about what will give shape to your life and future.

Well, I am not here to tell you how to make us work for you; I am in your social space because I want to clear the air on some issues. You all have a misconstrued opinion of who we truly are. I will categorically tell you, we are warriors. We fight for the course of our pockets and strive for slightest advantage to beat the next man to a golden opportunity, especially if it’s about our Dear National Cake. We are all warriors, in the legislative arm we are men of Armour, of Shield and Sword; it’s always about the survival of the fittest- we fight for a fair share of the ‘Cake in Green and White robe’. At some point, the location of the cake was a problem. It was never anywhere near where we could easily grab our share and turn back for others to do same. The real bottleneck was and still is, several warriors of age have personalized the ownership of the Cake, along with every life, hope, future, success, growth, development, opportunities, morality, justice, equity and fairness, value for life and properties it offers. They war for it, feed on it and protect it with their life; they built a strong wall round it, putting the interest of their grandchildren into consideration. At old age, when too weak to guide this wall around the National Cake that I want to refer to now as Wall of Fortune, they would hand over the keys to one of their own, either to their children or to a loyalist whom they can control from the time he uses the toilet to the number of children he can have.

Some of us became aggrieved over the lack of direct access to the National Cake.  Angry because it takes being a slave even to inhale the aroma from the cake, we had to call a cow chief, and sleep in the pit with pigs. Most times, we won’t haveRIVERS any choice but carry the baggage of burden of our benefactors-hook, line and sinker in order to appear a worthy servant and vessel for the key to the Wall of Fortune. When being in charge of the Wall of Fortune was not completely feasible after all, we looked for other ways. We flew over the wall, elevated across its parameters, with such effrontery to steal the complete system of the Cake but didn’t work. We blackmailed, white mailed and post mailed but nothing happened.

Then we sat to study the situation and what could be done, and then you people gave us an idea. We realized you are so unperturbed about the socio-economic and political effect of this grand style theft of the National Cake. We studied you and were convinced you do not care about our mind games or who gets to be in charge and what gets to you. When there is no power supply, you always knew how to get it yourself. You would get water yourself, pay hugely for securities to secure your life and properties, send your kids to learn trade since you can’t afford education, cry over injustice instead of fight for justice. We realized you love deceits, lies, and most especially you love to watch. When you are pained you watch, when you don’t have you watch. When you are denied of your right and space you watch. When you lose your voice and have your ideas clamped down you still watch. No wonder Fela tagged you ‘suffering and smiling ‘– you suffer, yet you smile.

In our deliberations, we concluded we needed to carve a niche for ourselves, yet again within the Wall of Fortune. We decided to construct a tunnel to lead into it directly through the ground beyond while you all watch with amazement o ye watchers. After the final phase of our constructions, we realized there was only one narrow entrance into the Wall of Fortune from the underworld. Only one person can go through the door at a time. “Let’s create an arena to fight for access” someone proposed.  Lo and behold, the various arenas into the Wall of Fortune emerged; from the Executive arena to the Judicial arena; arena of Parastatals, Ministry arena, Local arena, State arena and National arena to mention a few. As an Honorable, I fall under the Legislative arena nick named, ‘The Hallowed Chamber of Warriors.’ Only those who survive the arena will have access into the Wall of Fortune one at a time.

This is why people like us have entered the gym, the struggle for this cake is between over one sixty million of us; you and I you see? Whoever said we were law makers had got it all wrong. While I won’t completely deny our capacity as the legislative arm of government, I must be careful what attention I call to us as legislatures instead of a warriors. Don’t want to say we are one thing and our Oga at the center says another.

We witnessed a new era in one of the State arena on the 9th of July.  Was really a day of reckoning I tell you, when The Hallowed Chamber of Honorable Warriors got bloody, a day I am sure convinced you, that my ranting above is valid; we are warriors not law makers. Think about this, have you ever thought of why we only fight over issues like political position, allowances, in-house politics and never about policies that will make life better for you?  Don’t be surprised the speaker deployed all needed mercenary against his enemies who wanted to depose him, who won’t? They wanted to impeach him, strip him off his defense and power. Why? I mean who does that? Five of them, not even the required quorum? Because he pitched his tent with Governor Warrior, a current enemy of President Warrior, his wifey Warrior and allied Warriors at the National Executive arena?  I am sure the speaker sent a strong message to the National Executive arena, to the President Warrior himself with the way he wanted to break that coconut head with the mace; after all he has nothing to offer.

From the above:

Muscle is intellect, leadership capabilities or proficiency

Wall of fortune is every resources of Government

A question I cant stop asking my self is how we see the actions and in-actions of office holders, political or otherwise. Can we ever make them accountable ?  If by 2013 we still have what we saw happened in Rivers State Assembly, what will happen in 2015. Will they always have it their way at the expense of good governance that will obviously change our living standard?

Just saying …………



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