Irin-Ajo (Journey)

My journey is my story
Picks on my soul when it’s most vulnerable
And leads into a labyrinth
Farther in its whim it pulls until it drag no more
Journey of the phony, merry and merry-go-round
Despite it wakes me every morning and tucks at night
I am still on the move
Days feel empty with lost, steps sting with memories
Of joy it comes and pain it departs
To its enchanting lust I gravitate and promises I propel
Fading into the thin, into a tune of loud cluster of fading hope
From here, drops me there, but to bring me back here
And what I left find its way before me
Irin-Ajo,how far is too far

In those days, I wondered if certain dreams or aspirations would happen, but when they eventually did, I would come to realize I wanted something different. The earlier desires felt gotten and new desires linger. I would want different experiences, achievements, opportunities and pace setting records. This continued and seems to know no end. Like a vicious circle. One success led to another desire, the end of which turned to another aspiration.

Before I knew what this was, it took some time. To realize life was a journey and not a destination. Maybe because I was slow or stupid, definitely wasn’t far from one. Each time I started a journey, after a while and effort, I would see the finish line and cross it, and would be filled with moments to relish. As soon as the moments were over, another movement takes over. This process would turn my wishes to realities and my realities to my past which sets another future before me. If I knew how this works, I wouldn’t have been too keen on going to the university than I would want to grow into the man I want. If I knew, I wouldn’t have been particular about my first job than I would my last job. My focus in life wouldn’t have been how to start any journey but how I will end it.

I have just found two new realities about every man’s journey in life; the first being that the word journey starts with the letter J and the second is that a journey is not a destination but a progression. If I had known sooner, I would have considered what I had and concluded it was all I needed. But the truth is, even if I was as rich as Bill gate, I prolly won’t be satisfied, I would still want more from life.

Then it occurred to me, as I hope it is occurring to you now, that we are never on a journey to a destination, but on a journey through it and the most important thing is to make the best of these awesome moments and memories that life presents. My mama does tell me dreams come through (not true), but unlike Tu-face, I have always wondered how when dreams begot more dreams and yet another dream.

Irin-Ajo is the Yoruba meaning of Journey and it means an act of travelling from one place to another especially when they are far apart. This is according to Oxford dictionary. But in life, our journey moves us from a place of desire to a place of acquisition. It is from a point of lack to have. We travel from a place of ignorance to knowledge, rag to riches and solitude to fame. Our journey in life is beyond geographic interpretation, it is more of psychological manifestation. But unlike the real journey where you finish by physically moving from one place to another, in life, we never actually finish a journey. It always lead to another journey and yet another. I guess it will never stop until our director shouts END.

This is why I am hoping that this journey we have just started would take us from post to post, and write ups to write ups, on topics that affect life and living in our environment, discussions that would cause internal re-evaluation and outward manifestation. Piece that would make us ask very relevant and important questions hoping to get answer, solution and help. I hope this journey of ours will have no end.

I am Desola
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